We As Healers

We as healers actually all do the same thing and that is to help alleviate the hurt and burden of others. In the many years of working in this humble profession I have noticed that we all work very differently from each other.

Some just say a prayer and good wishes that work because the person that is asking for them is honestly putting the intention out on a heart link capacity. You do not need to be certified to be a great healer, listener and Energy changer.

We all have the capability to create change by being who we are meant to be, without the paperwork.
Myself as a natural healer Energy worker have earned the title of Holy Fire Reiki Master, Crystal Reiki Master, Shaman and Medium through the evolutions of great teachers that stand in the doorways that we open ourselves while they stand along side us for a small part of the journey. They provide the hand that we hold until we decide to let go into the world of spirit/ universal energy. Sometimes we are afraid when we are pushed from the nest to help us fly beyond our own limitation. They safety net becomes an energetic crutch that eventually disappears and we fly on.

While I initially was trained as a medium from a brilliant teacher and mentor on Long Island, I learned by her example of ethics and discernment.
One of the important lessons that I always adhere to is the respect of privacy and space physically and spiritually.

When someone asks for healing prayers or thoughts, a generic form of healing is just a prayer. While at times all
I will do is send generic healing light, it is up to the person to accept that which is being sent. When I get the spiritual nod so to speak that more in-depth healing is required I will always ask permission to link in. This is where I naturally go into my craft and gift. As I have learned and cultivated many aspects of energy I become spirit and recognize that level of awareness where I interact with the ascended masters and Angels. There are some who work along side of these energies through other various modalities and have a deep connection to that Energy pattern. For me most of the healing sessions have been creating a direct link to source energy where my energy is not a part of it at all. I am able to gather the vibrational energies from everything, collect certain frequencies and help initiate the healing process with precision. There are no cords to disconnect or transference of my personal Energy.
There are many of you that are beginning to experience the phasing shift of yourselves into spirit with multidimensionality and I am here to help illuminate that process. There are many who will not understand some things I do naturally but understand I am morally and ethically inclined to teach the truth, elevate humanity and maintain a level of integrity.

I know there are other methods that I am not aware of and welcome the imparting of shared information so we may help each other reach the highest potential.
So where are the Reiki Masters, IET practitioners, healing touch, quantum healing, reconnective healers, trance healers, great white brotherhood, Angelic realm, ET spaceship ( yes that exists)
what are your gifts and methods to help heal humanity and the world.

Looking forward to anyone who decides to take the plunge in forming a mass coalition for peace, coexistence and education.

This is me being me – now how about you?