Why we see shadows

Well folks everything around us in this World Vibrates and Mediums can see this energy.We can also sense when Spirits leave and enter our atmosphere. It doesn’t mean necessarily that they are bad.

I see shadow people in my peripheral vision every day. It doesn’t bother me because as a developing Medium you get use to these things.

Sometimes they are Spirits just passing through and they shouldn’t bother you. People feed too much into negativity and then your mind starts feeding into this. If it’s something that shouldn’t be around you believe me your Guides will let you know.

Spirits come to you because they can see your Light and are attracted to it. Don’t get overwhelmed with this, by setting your intentions when to work with Spirit and setting your boundaries should take care of the problem( if you should decide to call it a problem). If you don’t feel comfortable and you sense is something less friendly then be firm and let them know you are not afraid.


Shadows can also be nervous spirits – just because a soul has gone back to energy form does not mean they have stopped learning – in many cases past souls are nervous on how to approach you – they can see your light and want to make contact but do not want to scare you – so they try to appear slowly – and this often as a shadow – remember you always need sun to get a shadow! – there is nothing bad about these.  They are just as nervsous as you.

Speak to them in a kind voice and let them know its ok to come forward to talk to you 🙂


Tee x