Why do we receive songs as messages from loved ones?

Why do we receive songs as messages from loved ones?

Many time we are driving along in the car or around the house and suddenly a song appears on the radio that remind us of a loved one either living or crossed over. Why does that happen? You think or rationalize it away but could it be just that it is on the currently playlist of the radio station as a top 100? What if it was an “oldie “that is not in the media markets but a good old song that transports you back in time to reflect on a certain time period amongst friends. Most often the words of the song tell a story or evoke feelings in regards to that person we love. Since I work with energy and think outside of the box I can offer my interpretation of why that may happen. You can choose to deeply think about the simplicity of this interaction and see if my idea follows suit.

In my mind. Since I work with channeling energies and am able to draw energy from all things, there is a conversion process that happens. Your mind is a super computer and body a biochemical reactor that everything we see, touch, feel, smell or taste gets converted to an electrical impulse or data file that we can recall at will. I am sure as you read this that you can think about sitting outside on a blanket in the grass under a tree, there is a slight breeze in the air, you can hear the birds and you can feel the warmth of the sun.

If you were able to sense those words with a feeling of the elemental climate, or able to place yourself there. You converted or recalled that piece of data and created a living environment in your head that pulled all of the characteristics that you have added to that word or experience. Where is all of this leading you’re probably asking yourself…..It’s plain and simple. Since we know that spirit energy ( our guides and loved ones) are pure energy with a consciousness, they trigger the recall in your minds to get you to intuitively think about something concerning them. This also happens with living people ( since we too are made up of the same spirit energy ) If you have any questions feel free to comment and I will try and clarify. Have a splendid day and live your dreams J


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