It’s Not Anxiety, It’s just Spirit

For years I’ve suffered from anxiety, not the crippling kind where you can’t walk into a room full of people but the kind that hits you out of no where, doesn’t stick around very long or leaves as quickly as came.  Sometimes I’ll be driving, sitting in my home or out and about.  For years I thought I needed to medicate, I never did but it always crossed my mind that if I did, I’d have an easier time focusing and speaking to people.  For the first time ever I experienced anxiety that I new for sure wasn’t all in my head but the fact that I was in a home encompassed in spirit.  So for those who have had similar feelings, you may just be experiencing spirit.

Recently I visited a home whom for years has had spirit activity.  It’s not haunted or scary, just has some extra visitors who are comfortable with the company of the living.  I wasn’t nervous for this first time experience, but super excited to be able to experience it with a group who has done this before.  When we arrived at the home, I didn’t have any sort of feelings until I walked in the door.

So here’s my experience, and you may just realize you have this gift too.

Have you ever had that feeling of pressure in your head, sort of like when you’re a little kid and someone holds you upside down from your feet?  Well, that’s exactly what I felt, incredible pressure – blood rushing to my brain.  Feelings of anxiety, hot and cold and these all lingered for a while.  We all knew the spirits were still in the room because we all had similar feelings, some of us can hear them, others can see and like me we all felt them.  I was able to feel tingling sensations which I knew was spirit close by, and the hairs on my head moving and slight breezes that weren’t caused by any open doors or windows which I know where them touching my head to say hello.  It’s amazing what spirit can do, and if you’re not in tune with this amazing world it can be quite alarming and scary.


~ Liz

Always learning in spirit and life