I have always known I was gifted…Energy Flows saved my sanity

Written by Tracy Malloy

22nd October 2016

I have always known I was gifted. As a child I remember knowing things I should not have known and didn’t overhear. I literally found my Christmas list every year, not because I was looking for it but because something would say “open that notebook to the 3rd to last page ” I would get to mad!

There were paranormal experiences in my home as a child and with my family being “catholic ” I remember the preist coming to bless the house a few times. It never scared me because it would make the activity stop and then the explanation of it would come soon. I was afraid of the attic though for some reason, I was eternally grateful when the door to the attic was blocked off in my room.

Then there are several periods of turmoil in the family, which I have no recollection of. I know I blocked it out, but don’t exactly know why. And that’s ok. If I need to know I will.

One of the most prominent things I remember is driving home at night in the backseat and saying in my head “don’t look outside in the woods”.
As I have gotten older and take spiritual classes and done research I now known this is a land very heavily enriched by the Wampanoag Indian tribe. Many horrible things have taken place where I live. They hold a residual energy that can at times be unsettling. I still do not look into the woods at night. The area where I live is the Bridgewater Triangle and many of the stories here can be explained from fisher cats to good ol paranoid fear. It still admittedly freaks me out at times.

I blocked my gift’s once high school started. It got to be too much and I did not want to feel everything from everyone. At about 28 I started having immense emotional outbursts. I would easily get upset over the silliest things and ball for hours. My gifts were breaking through. I took a local class on Empathy and can proudly say I am now a skilled empath and can turn it on and off at will. That class and Energy Flows saved my sanity.