Mercury Retrograde, why it does not bother me.

orbbs sun

Apparently we are back in Retrograde?

If you are unaware of what Mercury in retrograde means here is a brief description. Apparently there are times astrologically that it appears that Mercury is going backeard, people blame all the things going wrong in their lives on this, bad days, bad weeks, frustrating feelings, anxiety is all blamed on astrology. To be honest I used to fall into this category as well. Until I realized that the more control I had over my life, my emotions and my feelings the less it affected me.

“Friday the 13th is an unlucky day”. This has never ever been the case for for. This day has always been a very good day for me a) because its Friday and who doesn’t love the weekend and b) I don’t fall much into hype stuff. If you historically have bad days at this time think about how you react to it, if you notice the day on the calander and you automatically think “oh crap, what fresh hell will this bring” you just called the bad stuff to you.

Mercury Retrograde is no different. Keep moving forward with your plans, buy a house, expand on your life and good things will come from it. Make good choices based on quality information you gather. Don’t allow the hype to be your life, just dont invite it in!

Spend some time in meditation as this is where we grow stronger spiritually which flows into our human lives.

“The full moon makes people crazy”. Does it? In my experience working in healthcare people can be crazy all through the month. The new moon and full moon are certainly not the only times people act out, however just before a full moon or new moon we have it in our heads this will be a crazy week, so what happens? Craziness ensues. People feed off the energy you send out so if at these times you send out beautiful thoughts and images instead of anxiety you will be able to enjoy these magical times when we should be manifesting what we want to bring to ourselves or releasing what we don’t want to deal with any longer.

Be the peace. Don’t feed anyone’s anxiety. Send love and receive it.

Remember, we get back what we send out into the universe.

Tracy Malloy