What is a medium?

A medium is a psychic who has fine-tuned his or her sixth sense and can communicate with the spirit of loved ones passed.

The term “psychic” is often used as a catchall phrase for anyone who works in the paranormal. Psychic ability, or our intuition, is the gut feeling or hunch you have that you cannot logically explain. Everyone is psychic to some degree or another, but not everyone is a medium.

A medium has the gift to connect with loved ones and act as a go between passings on messages to loved ones on this plane.  They do not predict the future but simple pass on messages which they have received from spirit.

Mediumship itself can be broken down into two.

The first and most common type is mental Mediumship which is where the medium communicates with spirits while fully conscious. As the word mental denotes, this form of Mediumship uses the mind – the intuitive mind, not the rational or logical part. All of our ‘Angels’ are mental mediums.

The second type of Mediumship is physical Mediumship. This is where the physical body is used to get information from spirit often known as trance Mediumship. This is where the medium goes into a trance state to relay messages.