Communication with Our Spirit Guides

Hello from my Spirit Guide!

This particular article I am writing is a direct source of his inspiration. Today he has actually called me a partner in our Journey! Let me start by saying that my (main) spirit guide actually just told me a little bit before that he has been in this journey for, which we both made a pact for since before I was born. The reason why he told me this is because I was getting ready for a reading, he actually told me “Go rock and Roll”. I found this really funny, considering his last earthly life time was back in the early 1900’s. To this he responded, “Do you forget Miss that I have been with you on this journey from before you were born, and you did have Rock and Roll already back then!. I am using this conversation as an illustration of how much insight I have received from my spirit guide. Not only about his own particular story, but about what we were meant to do together on this lifetime and partnership as he likes to call it. To my surprise my spirit guide in the last couple of years, has felt very much like a really good friend. One who really cares about me. However this is not to be taken for granted, he has always made it clear to me that he cannot and will not help in revealing my life lessons ahead of time. We can at the most discuss the lessons already learned and discuss other’s life lessons, as this serves the purpose of healing. So if you thought that once you talk to your spirit guide, they will provide you with the “winning lotto” numbers, well think again!

There is something about myself that the spirit guide really helped me understand about me and the way I am, the fact that he is a man. Often, people’s spirit guides are the same as their gender and for some reason I made a pact with a male spirit guide. I find this fascinating! This really gave me a deeper understanding of my androgynous nature. The particular spirit guide I made this pact with is also someone who was able to evolve spiritually at a very young age, which is as well very aligned with how I felt as I was growing up. If you have an increasing need to know who your guides are, you can get there! This is not an impossible task. Be open to the experience and you could have your spirit guide manifest it’s presence thru dreams, or that inner voice that gives you a fast warning. Lately my guide is even helping me get up on time.. Yes they can actually call your attention to wake up or pick up on insightful material that can be of help to a particular problem. Our spirit guides are always there, waiting for us to “tune in”.