The Pressure Cooker

Recently a few members are experiencing overwhelming accounts of spirit activity and build up within their bodies and surroundings. Here is a quick explanation from my perspective as to what might happen when people who are mediums are inundated with requests and the desire to serve.

Energy buildup for mediums when they don’t read : There is a difference in reading and a difference in the expectation of having to read – when one says here and there ” I’m available to read ” the flood gates open and the energetic ties of each person who has an intent in catching you open for a read takes hold. In energy there is always a start point and an end point – mediums are just stuck in the middle between the two- unless you can successfully navigate your own energy and sacred space you will build up like a pressure cooker but that is because you haven’t learned how to control your part in the experience. Spirit is the heat – you are the container -keep the lid too tight and kaboom- too open and high heat – also a mess – think of pasta on the stove – control the source heat( spirit) – water which is your psychic sense – the container or pot which is your body and the pasta which is spirit information that can overtake the pot with starch and create that overboil. I’m not saying don’t read – I’m just saying it’s a learning curve to a perfect recipe.

Energetically sent by JC