Q&A Past Lives

These seem to be the hot topic atm… I will write a full paper as soon as I have time to link with Wicks.

However…for now a few round rules…

1 NEVER do these alone. Think about all the life issues you have had in this life…all the highs and all the lows… These were life lessons… going back you will seeing and feeling these in an intense time span… you will be opening up lessons which you will then need to deal with….

Past lifes are helpful…but your here to live this one!!!

Most of your past lives will be normal mundane but will contain lessons. I will write later about why they can help with this life…but you MUST do these with someone who knows what they are doing and has the skill set to take you down. Deal with the issue and bring you back…

Also be weary of dreams and their content…esp if you have just watched tv or read a book… the power of the imagination is strong… there is a good chance if you watch a film re cowboys then you will dream of that… this is not necessarily your past life.  xxx


None of this should be scary…. but to go back over a past life in this one…esp if they are still linked can bring issues to a head…. it’s not going to kill you…. but you have no idea what your walking into…with past life you do not have your spirit guides with you….so you need guide on this plane with you… it’s like going to watch a movie with no idea what you will see…. you could end up with a Disney Princess story … an ex rated murder…tragic love story…or horror….like films… past lives come in many forms and will leave an impression on you…. xx


… when you come to a new life journey here on earth you sign a pact with one main guide – this guide is with you throughout this life in order to help guide you to your lessons – you then via free will learn or not learn – if you do not learn – they guide you to it again and again – if you do not learn in this life then you can select to try again via another life journey that’s how lessons get carried over. If you are gifted you stand a good chance of connecting in such a way that your guide will also guide you to places for enlightenment – like here lol.


‪But they do not sign up to be with you in every life. You may have even guided them at some point in history.


‪So yes … a current guide could ‘show’ you a glimpse of your past life – enough to guide to to do something about it… but these glimpses are not past life regression.


‪A true regression is where your energy goes back and recalls the past. You are in fact there whilst still here… There are 2 views you can have of this – and I am sure you will be learning this tomorrow. A third party view allows to stand and watch the events of your past like a movie in front of you – you will witness them but not feel them. But what you witness will not be all love and light. Remember you may be recalling big lessons. A first person view is where you are truly back there as you where and see, hear, smell and feel what you did back then. It’s like astral traveling back in time. The feel part is very powerful – So if you encountered a tragic experience you will relive it again.


‪That’s why doing these alone can cause upset. Think about the effect of post trauma here now – it’s not something you sweep away in a few hours or event days. You are potentially opening up a box of issues which you will have to deal with.


‪Your guide in this life was not there with you in that life – you had another guide then – so they will not be there with you when you go back.


‪Often a current guide will be a member of your soul family – so you may find that your current guide was in fact someone whom you shared a past life with and in some cases more than once – ask John Colon – his guide Una has been with him in the flesh more than once. I myself have a guide JJ Wick whom I shared a past life with. He is now my current main guide – so you see if I went back in true regression to that time and place he would be there in the flesh and not as a guide – yet he could show me glimpses of that past life… I hope that makes sense.


‪In most cases past life regression is a wonderful experience – you will be surprised when you meet people whom you recognise – your current mother could be your daughter – your best friend now your husband – you will see your soul family groups.


‪I have a slightly unusual gift where I have now travelled back – as I am today – into other peoples past lifes with them. I have seen at first hand the trauma that they see and feel at the time and I have helped cut cords. I have witnessed the struggle and grief they go through days after. This can be major life changing. xx

And again I have experienced this first hand. The very first travel back I did with someone else was not planned at all. It was suppose to be a normal reading. But as soon as I held his hand I was flown back very fast. I had no idea what was happening. But spoke to the person whoms hands I was holding telling him what I could see… I was there. Floating around. Not stood still. I could see. Hear…smell…feel him… he had obviously had past life regression as all he kept saying was that’s my past life. That’s my past life. Get out of that one I was not a nice man then. I will say what I saw… it’s not fair to him. But it was horrific in some cases. I was shown bits of 3 of his lives at a time of a specific issue which he was dealing with right now in this life… which I had no knowledge of. So I saw his same lesson at its highest in 3 lives…all of which he failed to learn. I was down in deep meditation for 30 mins+ and could not hear the people in the room calling me back. Apparently I had gone white. Lips blue. And was moving in circles. When we did come back I had fractured my energy… this is not easy to explain… but both of us where in pieces. I could not walk straight. I was spinning for 4 days after and did not want to go anywhere near this person again. I had no idea what had just happened. But my energy was scattered over many life times where not mine. Anthony Collett was in the room that day and will confirm I was a mess for weeks after. As for the other person he was in a mess for weeks and weeks. I had opened up 3 live times of a huge issue he now had to face. I had not just sown a seed I had watered it. But he needed this. He then travelled half way across the uk to see a past life regressor. Without my knowledge. The day he went back again he took a bit of me with h8m. I was out of sync all day and my guides could not explain why. But he saw me with him again. Helping. I know some of what happened that day with him but again it’s not fair to share. But I do not know it all. But when I next saw him his aura was clean and he hugged me tight saying thank you…thank you for your then and thank you for you now…I have no idea what he was thanking me for and I have never seen him again….until sat in a small cinema watching a film about a boy who could travel back in time. … not only was this person there, His seat was right in front of mine. We both watched the film knowing we had done this for real…. but he left quickly after…and still to this day I do not know what it was that he sorted out…but it was huge…a lesson which had taken 4 life times to learn. I also learnt a lot that day too. About time travel. Energy flow. Past lifes and how my new guide kumad was going to work with me … I am still learning


Tee xxx


The thing about this group is that we will often contradict the norm- there is so much out there that is written however it starts with one person an has a telephone skewing effect- we only write what we experience first hand as it is not skewed or distorted. Through regression with my guides only ( through the pushing of JJ Wick ) Una was with me during my many lifetimes here on earth- in each lifetime she was taken away by others and killed while I watched – not a fun lesson but the guilt of not being able to protect her and some children carried a lot of guilt – in this life I do protect people spiritually and in trying to help change people I have learned that painful lesson that no matter what I did – there are things beyond my control and I can’t control the outcomes when people chose to do things – I’ve also regressed myself by gazing in a mirror in my meeting place with other gifted mediums- I DO NOT RECOMMEND ANYONE doing this alone – during my travels backward in real time through the mirror in reflections – I saw my physical shape – form and gender change – I had my guides and angelic protection with me and was in control the entire time – HOWEVER by doing this you run the risk if fracturing your energy leaving it in parts of former lifetimes. I had to consciously pullback energy cords of my prior lifetimes back into this current time period. I can time travel forward and backwards and have been with Tracey a number of lifetimes – TRUST is important of oneself and of your facilitator if you have one- years ago before practicing energy work – I was regressed at an evening class held at high school and was not brought back safely as it was noisy as the halls and for weeks my energy was out of sorts – they pulled me back two lifetimes and both had energy tones of being in war – and of a slave- both carried the imprint of being stalked and chased with death looming- so be wise- be cautious and be safe.

John Colon


It’s all very exciting so long as it’s done safely and so fascinating…I’m just happy to be along for the ride.

I participated in one group regression under the supervision of a medium and I do feel I was regressed as I experienced the life in first person and felt the joy, pain and loss throughout the progression of the life, I touched the bread, I painted the art, I rode the horse with the wind in my hair and though it was a lonely feeling at the end of the life I felt ok, but when I saw how shook up my mother-in-law was when she was brought out, I was very concerned about her! It was very traumatic for her to experience being in the middle of a natural disaster…

MJ Friedman

I also did pass life’s quite a few times and I know first hand that one must have someone whom knows what their doing and have the skills to help /bring one out of it when necessary! I viewed 6 of my life’s and some won’t pleasant at all to say the least! Some in my class had help from Dr. Brian Weiss because of things they saw and we’re in tears for quite a while after! He’s a professional and has been doing this for over 25-30 years! Brian spent around 5-6 minutes with those people because they were do upset and 1 it looked to me that he was having kind of a hard time bringing out! Can you imagine what would happen if someone were to do it by themselves?


It’s not our intention to scare anyone but to make sure all are aware of what could happen! We have many that tried even after we shared with them what could happen ♥ ‪we try to cover all our basis and always have the best intentions for all! We know there are some that may not listen and we try our best so they know the do’s and don’ts as we feel somewhat it’s our responsibility to give the right information in this group! ♥

Janis Culotta Turek



…my energy was fractured when I was given a reading I had not consented to. I felt out of sorts and un-centered for weeks. I was not prepared to hear the info given to at the time. It frightened me so badly that at times I can be very difficult to read when I do need clarification on an issue because of my shield. I’m sorry you went through that. I know it can happen at anytime not just with plr.

‪I guess past life regression to some is viewed as dangerous due to their experience. Kind of like a Ouija board and automatic writing. Everyone has things they will not do due to what they went through. I do not trust the Ouija but love my tarot and pendulum and yet they are all just a divination tool.


‪I have family that has false memories after hypnotherapy and I personally to not feel good about that.

‪Past lives are not for everyone. If you are not prepared it’s a scary thing. Psychotherapists can botch it while searching for the answer to someone’s mental health issue by bringing people where they are not ready to be. )●(


Tracy Malloy