The baby steps to awareness

Your guide(s) have been with you since you were born – and they are learning too…. They operate on a higher vibration and are learning to lower it in order to connect to you – you are learning to heighten your vibration in order to connect with them… this takes time…

Everyone is born with a certain about of 6th sense – be it just a gut feel – (I am sure you have walked into a room and felt an atmosphere at some point) however not everyone is not born with a gift of mediumship… but that does not mean you cannot grow your psychic 6th sense. 

Most natural mediums will have had experiences as a child. (But then there are a few I have met which did not until very late in life)

Even if you do have mediumship you will still have a guide and can still talk to them and may even find over time you can feel them…You can still ask them questions which they will answer – if you cannot hear them they will learn to show you in other ways – ie you ask and then within a few days you will find or hear of something with an answer  – ie a song, a new person, you may even read it or see it in a dream… It will be there and its all about awareness.. often the answer is given and you are not aware of it…

As your gift grows you may find you have a need to meet your guide – do not push it – will show themselves when you and they are ready.

You will feel them before you see them – the last thing they want to do is pop up next to you and scare you… so this is a slow process. It should never ever be scary.

You have 2 sides to your thinking.  There is the logical brain which gives you your thoughts and inner questioning system – the analytical side of you. You also have your consciousness which gives you your feelings and spiritual answers.  Thinking and feeling/knowing are 2 different things.

How many times have you asked your logical brain a question and not got an answer and then you forget about it and up pops the answer?

So how can you help your guides and you connect more….

Meditation is a must.. you need to learn how to switch your logical brain off – this takes time… start with simple guided meditations …. learn to relax – do not question it – let it flow… you are on a journey and part of that journey is enjoying the ride and to stop asking ‘are we there yet’….

Do the awareness walk – where you relax before you go out and walk slow and look, feel, do not think do not even ponder – just look – make yourself notice the sall stuff…. the flowers, the bees, the trees, the colours the smells – you will be amazed how much small beautiful stuff is all around you… even just go to your garden take you shoes off and stand bare foot in the grass – feel it – smell it and look around you…. the more you become aware the more you will see.

Once you have done the mediation and awareness walk a few times… do the breathing technique and relax your body and mind – switch off that logical brain… then in your minds eye feel your own energy – its all around you – its your aura…. (see how to feel your aura notes too) push it out and feel it grow…. then ask your guide to come a little closer… ask them to move into your outer aura… as they step in you will feel it… it will either be a breeze or a a tingle at first…. if this feels comfortable then ask them to come a little closer and touch or blow on you – the blow is easier to accept – this should not at any time be scary – you have invited them into your aura – they come with love – they are there to help and protect you – they are pure love and have your best interest at heart –  if at any time they feel you are nervous – they will not come closer.

Do this a few times and then decide what makes you comfortable the most and ask them to do that when they are close… for example they like to touch heads and faces – I have headaches and asked my guide not to touch my head – but to give me another sign and he gives me goosebumps on just one arm… he gives me energy tingles as he moves close and then the goosebumps, then I see him…. this notification of arrival is important as it stops you jumping out your skin when they want to get your attention… Imagine if you just heard a voice out loud when someone wanted to talk to you here on Earth – you would jump – even a phone rings before you before you hear the voice…. remember it takes a lot of energy from them to touch you so always say thank you …

Tee x