Q&A – When people commit suicide, where exactly do they go?

Q: To my friends….when people commit suicide, where exactly do they go? From what I have heard is, they go to a level, not heaven, not hell, but some place where they have a lot of work to do.


A:  “We all go to the same heaven.. and all go through a transition (Viewing their life) after that there is a type of hospitals there that help in anything we may need! Before coming back into body most baggage is gone but some lessons have to be learned from things we didn’t see in the last one.” -Janis


“When a person takes their own life – it is for a pure unselfish act = people do not do this to hurt anyone else – they do it to save other people – as they feel they are a burden – its no sin – the bible was written by man not god and a soul is a soul – and they are all treated the same way”   -Tee


“thanks for bringing this question here, many people wonder the same things you are wondering and your bringing it forward will help others to understand, or at least to consider a new perspective. Religion is man made, there is no heaven or hell…no judgment, no punishment other than what we impose on ourselves as we experience the ripples we created while alive. Our actions affect others, we create opportunities for others to experience joy or pain when we act in loving or non-loving ways. When we transition to the other side we become aware of our true selves, and we review our actions while here. We experience the ripples we create while here, the pain and the joy of others and in that there is only learning.”   -MJ


“very thoughtful and provoking discussion. ultimately we believe what we in our souls believe as we have learned it. where we go is just a side shift from the physical into spirit. a different veil but the same level of where we left here. Suicides cross over in Energy- onto various levels . just like here we have peers to help us along to manage it . the integration of our physical bodies sometimes mess up the pure energy value of an experience – suicides are no different – an experience of ones soul and also for those left behind to learn something too. do we take blame if someone chooses to cross themselves? why do we? do we get angry? do we feel pity or compassion? what emotion is invoked in you in your ripple effect. I am sure that each person has had a thought of returning home for a billionth of a second.- but chose not to.”   -John