Believing in Intention

the-story-1440526-mAbout 10 years ago I was introduced to a book called “Ask and It is Given”, a co-worker had started to read into intending and positive affirmations.  I was never skeptical of things like this, so naturally I accepted the book and started reading.  At the time I didn’t understand completely how this book was written. The author, Esther Hicks, spoke of the words from Abraham who I now realize is her spirit guide.  Ten years later and I finally connected the dots. I won’t deny it, I thought she was a little nutty talking about Abrahams words but I didn’t care because I fully believed what Abraham had to say, and I’m sure many people who don’t understand the spirit world think the same, but it makes absolute sense. Getting back to intent, my story begins with this book I was handed, I saw my friend go from practically nothing to creating the life of her dreams from marriage, to education and her career.  How could I not believe what was right in front of me.  As years past, I would practice affirming and intending but like many things life gets in the way, you “don’t have time” and forget and lose track.  

It has taken me 10 years to get to where I am today with positive intentions.  Always a work in progress, but I have learned how this works for me.  Positive intention is real, the more your practice and believe the more you will see unfold right before your eyes. I have a little trick that helps me with my intentions, for one you have to really believe. If you’re the least bit skeptical it’s not going to work. Second, surround yourself with positiveness, happiness and always be thankful.  Be thankful for what you have and be thankful for what you’ve intended (like you already have it).  You know that feeling you get when you first fall in love?  That flutter in your heart and twinge of anxiety (but its a good anxiety) that’s exactly how your intentions should feel like.  You must truly feel it and believe it deep within your heart. What we are capable of is way beyond what we know.

Write Them, Speak Them, Share Them… Energy Flows where your Intention Goes.