Always journal for record keeping

Journal entry 11/21/11

My latest story,

For the past 2 weeks I have drawn the Divine Guidance card in class. Each week something amazing has happened.

This morning I decided to ask the powers to be to send me a communication guide. All of the time that I have had some major experience in the astral world, I have been talking to Gabriel, the back and forth dialog that many of you have with your guides. He has always been the one to elevate me with knowledge and choice on life’s path. Many of you have said “ I hear them or they tell me. I wanted to ask today for my guide who will be talking to me like the rest of you. This is how the story unfolded this morning…………..grab a cup of coffee or tea and read on……….
I opened up myself and brought in the light with full intention of talking with Gabriel and what plan they have in store for me.
I found myself standing outside a castle tower, it is one that I have seen and been in before. At the base of the tower is an archway that leads to an elevator. This elevator was made of crystal or glass. As I ascended the colors of the rainbow lit up like a Christmas tree as the elevator and I were raised to the center the castle turret. The room is where I’ve been before, a little dusty and cobwebby and lit up from outside light filtering in through the closed window. I turned in the center in the room where the elevator came through the floor. There were no side of the elevator just a circular platform that leveled out with the stone floor. And I kind of did a Harry Potter thing where I pointed my finger and shot energy out of my pointer finger much like a wand. As I past each part of the room, while turning in a circle, it transformed to a warm environment, with torches and fire which glowed with the light. I was warm and comfortable. I heard a woman’s voice that uttered welcome home. I did not see where the voice came from but I turned in all directions to see if I could locate the sound.
I noticed that there were five curtained archways in this tower room. I was told that each will be revealed to me when the time was right for me. I proceeded to pull back the curtain of archway number one……

Standing inside of it at about the height of 7 to 10 feet was Death. At first I was taken back, thinking you gotta be kidding me, I’m not ready to go yet. I have so much work to do and they chose me! As Death loomed over me, I wasn’t afraid of him. I accepted that this is a part of who I am able to communicate with. After all, it was I who asked for this intervention.

I proceeded to archway number 2….. behind it stood Archangel Raphael, the same height but different energy flowing, the healing power was strong and gentile. He had the form of a powerful, muscular human with long flowing hair. I recognized him and thanked him for the guidance and wisdom that he has bestowed to me. He didn’t say a word, but he embraced me with the love and warmth of a family member. The next archway stood Michael. Strong and protective, again it was an unspoken familiarity. The fourth archway. Stood Mother Mary. I realized she was the voice that I was hearing today. Earlier in my development Mary was present when we had a meditation to contact our guides but somehow she stepped aside or I was unreceptive. I thought in the beginning she was my communicator but I took hold of my protector because he protects me from the unknown.( he didn’t protect me from Lisa R’s guide, but they both taught me a valuable lesson that day…actually our guides are good they have a deep respect for each other…the warrior clan..) any way

The last archway still remained closed. This one I realized that it might have to do with vision. I almost got the feeling that the Wizard from Oz was behind that curtain making all things possible. But it still remains available but the curtains were drawn.

I thanked them for revealing themselves to me today, and I approached death in a new way. There was a sorrowful outside expression and scary demeanor. I asked him to remove his hood so that I may see his face………

He knelt down before me and removed the shield of darkness. As I gazed upon his face, it was that of a skull with long flowing black hair. The face was brilliant like a gazillion diamond sparkles. Holographic as a skin. As I looked closer the energy of death was beautiful and compassionate. It was the same feeling that emanates from all other Angels. Just a different physical form. I think that I was introduced to this energy upon evolving in the healing aspect that they are all equal in power. They were brothers of the same father with each one’s own responsibility for the balance in our world and the ether. I think that in time the clear skin of Death will actually resemble a true face. It wasn’t that of a cold skull. Maybe he is a vehicle that takes the shape of our loved ones and accepts their energy to help us leave this earth comfortably. I stand in awe of this vision and realization.

Maybe he made himself known so I may be able to know within myself who I can help and who I may not.

Just another experience to shed Light on that we do not know. Raise awareness and spread the wealth…

As we are always learning bits and pieces of information along our journey, we never know when and where we will be imparted with another pice of the puzzle

Today 11/11/17
Sitting at the mall waiting for my family to leave a store, I check in my notes to see if I had left a post about Christmas gifts as a reminder of what you get. It is then that I searched for a phrase “ Christmas “ and the above post came up. Now I do not write all of my things in a bound up book but I have always written it down somewhere electronically as my journal. This literally took longer to read the story than to see what was behind the curtain.

Looking to see how this story ended, I decided to continue and see if I could see what the last curtain held back. So without hesitation like a kid waiting for his present, I set out to pull back the last curtain-
As I opened it up it revealed me – just little old me. Although it was an aspect of my higher self, the energy and visual I always see I was indeed imparted with a certain voice of wisdom. It was telepathic in nature bordering on an instant knowing kind of like “Duh” ……
From what I can decipher for myself is that this means that we are just as integral to the design of the divine plan as all of our guides, helpers, Angels and even our selves are all part of us and when combined and listened to, we literally do have the support and guidance at our disposal. So as you take a quick visual of my journey, take a look at your own and put the pieces into place. Don’t search too hard to complete the puzzle because the piece you might be looking for is not the person or piece you will find when it’s revealed.