Experiencing and investigating unknown energy sources

When trying to connect to the energy of people or when we encounter a energy around us, sometimes that energy is unknown. In many spiritual communities this is almost always firstly and exclusively seen as a negative or demonic entity. Mediums and psychics will often say they heard a voice yell get out, they will feel they need way to escape the area or person and they will evacuate the situation ASAP and they will often resort to cleansing with sage or saying prayers. This is our natural fight or flight response kicking in, not spirit. These are our emotions kicking in. Do we stay and fight/investigate/go deeper or do we flight/run/get scared?

It has often been a joke in some classes I have taken that while most people will take the advice and get out, I get out for no one not even myself because that is feeding into a fear that is unreasonable and unneeded.

So, what exactly do you do? I tune into the energy and I ask to feel its emotion. An energy that makes you uneasy is almost always going to leave you with a negative aspect of emotion. Its opposite, so the opposite of love is hate, happiness is despair, whole is empty, you get the idea. Please see Tee’s post about emotions which I will link at the bottom of this post. When you feel the emotion know it cannot hurt you. It cannot affect you in any way unless you allow it to. This is intent. Intend to feel the emotion to understand exactly why it is around you. These will not be pleasant emotions. The important thing to remember with absolute certainty is that only a human energy can express these emotions because the opposite of them is something that what you may call an inhuman entity could not ever feel.

Now, I am not saying that there is no inhuman energy around our universe. There is, but it expresses no emotion. It just exists. It all has a purpose and its purpose is not to harm it is just to exist in the same space as the rest of us. It is a void- not the void- but a void in the energy field. This is stagnant energy that can be dense and heavy. It is neither dark nor light. This exists because we create the universe and we have not created anything to fill this space yet. Our universe ever expands.

Now that you know what emotions you are feeling, ask some questions:
Who is the emotion from?
Where did the emotion originate? (this is a loaded question but is super important to ask so you understand what is happening in the situation.)
Why are you feeling the emotion?
Is the emotion from your own fears or the person you are assisting?
What can you do to bring the emotion up to a higher frequency/more positive emotion?

The answer to the last question is often received in the opposite of the original emotion felt. If you felt sadness, you may feel happiness ect. Now you can infuse the energy felt with that positive emotion. You may be given words to express to the person or yourself, you may be guided to bring forth light to bathe the energy in or be guided in a completely unconventional way. Go with it. Follow your gut.

Some other things that are important to ask in these situations are as follows:
Is there a history of abuse?
Is there a history of addiction?
Is there guilt or shame involved over a situation?
Is there chronic illness?
Are there feelings of worthlessness?
Is there a placing of blame over a situation that is beyond their control?

All these things and more along with the belief in demons or entities can cause a percieved possession type of situation. This is not possession by a negative entity, this is the mind creating the possession from internal struggle and energy blocks. The mind is very powerful and when the mind believes something it will create it. People with multiple personality disorder can have a chronic illness in one personality that is nonexistent in other personalities. Like attracts like and if we smother our shadow self and inner child we suffer as human beings, None of us are perfect and we never will be but it is very hard for some people to grasp.
That is why we are here. To experience, learn, help and integrate into the universe. Good, bad, ugly and everything in between.


Please read Tee’s post about Emotions