Dreaming of your loved one

What does it mean to see a loved one in a dream? This is a popular question that I get asked all the time and it’s a simple answer with two possible reasons.

When I use the term loved one this could indicate any person or animal you know who has passed away or any spiritual master or universal energy. (What I call angels).

Death is complicated.

Death is life changing.

Death leaves those of us still living with many emotions to deal with such as grief, depression, guilt, longing, a need to say things we never said while the person was here with us, among just a few examples.

The death of a cherished loved one is one of the major traumatic experiences in life we will all have to deal with sometime or another. Sometimes we are on the side of taking care of a friend or family member who is dealing with the loss, we are holding space (holding space is the act of being present for and with someone during a difficult time) for them while they grieve, and also falls into a major stress category. How do you help your children deal with the loss of a sibling when you are also grieving? Help a parent deal with the loss of a spouse while you are dealing with the loss of a parent? It can be exhausting. Many times what occurs is our grief is put on hold until we feel it is safe for us to let go. None of this is wrong. There are many things you can do to deal with this stress… Talking to a trusted friend, a counselor or a family doctor can help, being active and setting time aside to he alone with your thoughts is also extremely helpful.

Many times all we want are a sign our loved ones and is ok.

I assure you. They are. Read more about what happens when we die here, written by Tee.

There are two types of dreams we have when dealing with loss of someone in the physical world.

Stress dreams:

These may include dreaming the person is still alive, still sick, maybe you are fighting with them, the options here are endless.

Generally these dreams will relate to your relationship while the person was alive.

This is your brain and your subconscious mind trying to help you process the loss. These types of dreams can occur when we have guilt over the person’s passing, are grieving and are having a hard time moving back into joy- again usually during guilt or when we don’t have answers, as happens frequently in unexpected passings. These are your subconscious and brains way of telling you you need to examine why you are having these dreams.

Ask yourself some questions.

Why am I dreaming this.
Why is this affecting me so much.
What am I confused about.
Does this relate to my relationship with the person while they were living.

The other type of dreams we have about our loved ones are

Visitation dreams:

These dreams are often very vivid.

You may find you become active in the dream, ie you can control it and actively think.

You feel very much awake.

These dreams are almost always very happy.

You may wake up with tears in your eyes and feel refreshed.

You may feel as if they have given you a message to pass along to someone. (This can happen when we don’t know the person who passed well and it’s possible the message has to come from you because they are grieving too much to receive the message)

Your loved one may answer a question you remember asking or praying for the answer to.

These are generally happy dreams although you may be sad for a short while, you ultimately know your loved one is safe and that their energy lives on.

What have your dreams about loved ones brought you?

Tracy M 2018