Miracles can happen

Thursday September 17,2015


This was an interaction when miracles can happen, When faced with what is in our power whether it is a prayer or being called on to actively assist the spirit realm we all have the choice to answer the call. This incident involved my granddaughter’s life and death struggle as it unfolded in real time. John and I have copied the text and time frames to honor that commitment to our spiritual path and what we all are indeed capable of. This is the moment when unwavering prayers, love and commitment can lend energy to any situation.

The red comments are Johns text timeline and reflections after and the blue are mine.

We hope this can help anyone who feels like they can’t make a difference most certainly can.


8:30 John it’s Treesha my three-year-old granddaughter in Florida in ER unresponsive please send healing prayers ASAP 

  I had just recieved a text from my daughter  Mom help  alexia unresponsive in ER!!  for a split second my heart fell to my feet  instantly i knew   NO time for this  must get to her now!!   I knew what to do  I reached out to my old friend john…        His response was instant …  when  I received the message to bounce  we were already in Emergency Room.

8:31  J – (Expletive)  – I’ll bounce off you and you add to it

at this point  the reality of multidimensional was in full force .. i was in my kitchen texting events in real time   I was in the ER with john working on my granddaughter   and watching as a guide   all  fulling functioning  as normal    in real time 

8:32  T – Doing
Should be there and in fla
I’m in er

  we were there in ER   John at her head myself at her feet


8:32    J – Did she drink something?   ( I felt like it was something ingested that caused this episode)

 I felt John was correct  

8:32 T –  Allergic reaction John it’s allergic reaction
To peanuts bad

8:33     We’re in !!

we were in ER already  from me this ment we were connected to her ..  also at this point my daughter sent a text     I know you are here !!!

8:33 J -I want you to go to her feet  ( I said this so that I could open Treeshas energy channel and use her as a filter to push energy   through her into her granddaughter without having to think about it)

8:34 T – Ok

 no hesitation  we worked in sync  we  spoke telapathicly  all the while in er also at home documenting this live at home.and letting my daugher in on what was happening

 8:34 J- ( this is what I instructed her to do)

I’ll go to head and push down  – ( I stood at her head and channeled through her spirit energy)
You push up                              ( Treesha was standing at her feet and pushing her energy through bringing grounding energy through )

Meet in the middle  ( this is where intuitively I was guided to bring both of the energy patters to)  

Bring everything you have ( mostly the first energy was love as we meet in Alexia’s heart center, the second energy was that of intense direction and specific targeting. Telling and programming the energy to have a specific effect.


8:34 T -She took a breath  yes

we were working on her  all of a sudden  a turn for the worst as we were regulating her  


8:35 J – You slowly push through to top and I’ll push down ( this was to regulate her physical body as spirit energy can be a little too fast)   


8:35 T – John she’s in trouble

At this point I saw her spirit leave her body   panic tried  to take me   OH NO   we were working in tandum   suddenly I also was at her head  I grabbed her hands  at the exact time John said Grab her hands 


8:35 J – Grab her hand 
8:35 T – Ok   done
8:35 J – She’s out in spirit ( as we are remoted in spirit – we are also able to see   we are there- I saw her spirit body out of her physical body.
8:36 T – Yes   at this point it all was surreal multidimensional  

8:36 ( I sensed that Alexia was out of her body and since we were there with her and can see her, we can also interact with her like a conversation with spirit . that is because we are the same. Being that Treesha is her grandmother and represents a safety, she wouldn’t be afraid and was distracted for seconds while work was being   done)
Walk her through what’s happening and have her return
Tell her she needs a reboot while they work in her body for a minute
Tell her a story

8:37 T-My first words to her was grandma’s here everything is going to be okay     she looked at me  relaxed  and just allowed us….   me. John and angles work on her   …


8:37 J – I hear the beeping ( while remoting in spirit it is possible to hear and see real-time interactions )
            8:38 J – An angel just came in ( a full white silhouette appeared by her head and started to work on her physical body as well)

8:38 T -Please I’m …have them them GET her


(  i saw the angles come in ) now  the ER team realizes the distress  but WE HAVE HER!!!!                

8:39 J – Hold on ( I had to tell Treesha to stop for a moment as the Angel and I were clearing out her physical body  and to see what was happening  – Treesha had her granddaughter talking to her as if you were chatting

                                    Physically to a small child.

8:39 T – Holding on

I talked to my baby girl  calmly   were here and you are okay   she was fully aware of us   asked me  is he (meaning John)  your friend ?  yes he is    she said she likes him     he is nice to me .. all while John is acessing  with the angles         Is this her time??  as my daughter watches the ER team try to revive her  she has no signs  my daughter in shock  watching this knows im there with john  working on her life!!

8:39 J – Working on body 


Won’t let you go  I reminded her  dont pay attention to drs and nurses   stay with me  we are taking care of you !!!
8:40 J -Putting her back in

8:40 t – Come on baby She’s in
Stay. !!!

I watched her reenter her body  this wasn’t easy  a bit of a struggle   I Yelled to her FIGHT    YOU GOT THIS once in  I yelled stay  with authority
8:41 J – She will have a fight back – very slow and shallow breaths


8:42 T – I’m breathing for her  yes  with me breath  i was moving fast

8:42 J -Phase spirit slower
8:42 T – Ok John reminded me to regulate  slow down   
8:42 J -More to the physical. Plane 
8:43 J – You’re by her head talking into her left ear
8:44 J – Help her stay present and calm


8:44 T -She’s breathing Calm
More stable  i talked to her to keep her with me  very calm  slow down  relax  you’re ok  still not conscious  to the ER staff

8:44 J- Azrael said it’s not her time ( I called in Archangel Azrael to ask if she was staying or crossing – that was the answer I was given)


8:45 T – Yes right

I heard him say  to John  NOT her time   i acknowledged  him  
             Thank you my friend!! !

8:46 J -I’ll cocoon her in a healing chamber

8:46 T -Yes go  she needed protection she knows you are helping her
Talking John
She’s talking
Ok in and out close

8:48 J -I’ve allowed your frequency to pass in 

8:50 T- She’s pink again

8:49 J-Is this real world or spirit ( being in two worlds I wasn’t sure which one this referenced to)
            Glory to God 
             Congratulations on a living soul rescue

My daughter was there she was unresponsive my daughter knows were there with her
She Saw what happen the exit out the entrance back in
as the ER was doing there thing  my daughter saw what was happening and knew we were with her  every step of the way     now keep in mind as all this is happening in ER  .I’m still home texting my daughter every step we ( me john and angels  )  are doing   so she knows , before Drs what’s going on

8:50 J-You can copy this text and timeframes as proof 

8:51Your granddaughter will remember too

How joint. Spirit was it was needed on this one

She’s a gifted child John she’s a crystal child

8:57 J- We wiped out the physical body or the angel did to clear the trauma – then reintegrated her spirit then regulated both energies Into phase

Yes she stable
They are asking ( the doctors) my daughter questions they don’t know what happened she crash so fast I told my daughter something to do with the peanut allergies she had an anaphylactic shock

8:58 J-Barnabas just said good job and you just stopped in too

Yes thank you   at this point we are stepping back we did what we needed to!!   Now I’m out of ER 

9:00 J -Good job to you – you followed directions without question

Wow intense
I trust and believe John

9:01 J- And didn’t let your emotions take hold

There is zero doubt in my mind
I’m the brave girl remember LOL
When he comes to anybody that I love or anybody in the world if they’re in danger or need I’m out there 100% there was no time for fear or doubt

Take aim and shoot straight

You held me and place and I thank you for that

at this point me and John are revisiting what just happened    it was so fast  we just jumped to work   now the reality hits  what just happened    we were so in the moment in multiple  places working hard in spirit

9:02 J-Regulated you 

We did it
I knew what to do I needed your guidance to walk me through it hearing you tell me what to do me focused
9:03 J-Perfect
The rest is some back and forth texts that did not need to be time lined with stamps


9:20 T -Alexia just told her mother we were in the room with her


Awesome- maybe a good posting one day for us From you first hand Yes Proof that we are multidimensional and spirit


Yes true We are here we were there and we are guiding Thank you  my daughter said she knew when we were there!!  She’s saying we did a miracle!! Very grateful.

Right place right time. I wish others were so fortunate at times


So true and unwavering in believing

Alexia just told my daughter. Grandma came out of the sky and said everything is going to be ok.   those were my first words to her



I want everyone to know they can help themselves they can help their family they can help other people and I will do everything that I can to share this so others  can reap  the benefits


To talk so her – we helped her climb back into her body While continuing to bring spirit and physical energies back together


My granddaughter just asked about you.  She said you were very nice She said all her friend are right here.  Meaning with her

My daughter went to the energyflows.org site to see me.  Alexia. Said hey thats the boy that came with grandma. When they got to your picture

She’s a very aware little girl. I told You she would know we were there.

How is the little miss?

Ok did a lot of tests can’t figure out what happened she did seize in er. From the MRI they saw that.    She asked about you last night. She likes you. Calles you the boy !!

My family knows everything my son came out also asking me to help him understand what he knows. All this is huge!!   Will be putting blog no later then we’d afternoon cause ill be off to spend time on doing

I think tests will be inconclusive –

In order to really become a clear channel – residual hurts – guilt – Karmic lessons right themselves. There is an opportunity for you to reestablish your relationship  with daughter and fortify your stronghold. When you have a house full of intuitive. They could have all picked up on energy that wasn’t theirs and manifested into misplaced emotions and blame It’s a new beginning for you all

Yes well put. All makes Adds up    My daughter knew who could help Alexis. In time of life threatening crisis. !!!   We really could us this experience to help a lot !!!!

My daughter is Humbled.  She needed that  lesson

I think my friend Amanda will pay a visit to her as well so if she talks about a little girl – Asian descent she’s from here Ok.

I’m sure she will say something about it she’s open She just went there but let me know first absolutely

Pixie can ask her questions That the nick name I just heard for granddaughter I’m gonna let jenn know to be aware to let me know what alexia says Wow Just told jenn.

Repeat all she says to me

She looks like. A pixie

Just got home from work. Jenn said lexis was on her toy phone talking to the ‘grandma ‘. That’s johns friend.  Not me

She continues to talk about her Friends  (all spirits)   they are with her always   she also continues to say  grandma and her friend john visit her  we are always around !!

These events are real and can happen to anyone.  It’s how you handle the Crisis that makes the difference..   so go forward in peace ..   WE are warriors! We must fight the good fight. A life depends on it !!!