Why are we “blocked” when reading for ourselves


Why are we “blocked” when reading for ourselves. This topic comes up quite frequently amongst psychics themselves.

There are two factors that will inhibit spirit communication for yourself in regards guidance and messages from loved ones. The example I have come up with is really quite simple. Our bodies do not have the capacity to send and receive multiple energy sensations. You ask how do i know this? It is simple.  Let’s just say you accidentally burn yourself. When left unattended the pain is often unbearable. The pain signals have a direct line to your brain which says help, this hurts. tells the body to send its natural healing to fix it and restore balance. But your first reaction is to instinctually put it under cold water. that instantly stops the pain doesn’t it? that is because you are overriding the energy and placing new data to be sent along the nerve endings to your brain for interpretation. you temporarily change the value of what is being sent. Now you’re probably saying to yourself, how does this have to tie in to reading and communication. simple, If you are emotionally connected to the outcome or session, you have put a value into your nerve pathways and have overridden your receptive state. Emotions carry the same energetic value as pain. Physical and emotional pain are all energy which can block other lighter energies from passing through at times. Our grief and loss stem from the brain going outwards in the energy flow often in a one way direction. From inwards to outwards. It is when we can remove those values that we can achieve unclouded guidance. Why are we able to communicate when we sleep? We often have those visitations and dreams to steer us in the right direction because our conscious mind is not controlling the scene. We often look for help from an outside source when we need that extra lift or hurdle cleared. It is really hard to distance yourself  from the loss of a person whom you love or a situation that you so need guidance on. If you are able to step back a little and either let go from its hold or outcome, that is when we will receive our own guidance. Meditation is often a way to temporarily stop the circus of every day life and worries.  It places you in a receptive state and allows your brain to wander. What are your thought on this topic?