What is protection?

Why do we need energy protection? In the real world there are people or energies that choose to take and intimidate  others to serve an energetic need that theya re in need of. They are kind of bullies and actually you can defend yourself against their attack. Now mind you, I am Not  telling you to actively seek out confrontation because in this world there are consequences for your actions. the same basic rules applies to the spirit world. My take on getting the fear factor away from it is to think of them as people. That’s just what they are – people without bodies because their spirit form is the same as when they were physical in this world. Just without the dense 3d matter.

IF you get this wrapped in your head then you an make a plan on your self protection. If you were walking alone on a darkened street and you noticed something a little odd about a person on the same street. Would your intuition kick in to warn you? I think it would. You would take precautions to keep yourself safe as moving to the other side of the street away from harms way. If they crossed the street and you saw it – you would prepare for a possible altercation wouldn’t you? Plan your escape route, make noise, call for help, just make a decision to not be a victim or let your power go and be a victim.  These options are all up to you.  What is in your power to do is what you want to do. It is true that some energies can be overwhelming or surprise you, but once contact is made…… what is your choice?
The element of surprise and fear tactics are used by lower energies to break you down just as an abuser does. Spirit can even trick you into a false sense of security. Your alarm bells will ring off the hook. Will you listen?
The truth is we all have the ability to stand up and fight back. The strength  and determination of your defense is truly how much you own your own power. For myself, being a healer,protector and energy worker I pull energy into my being ( body& spirit)  to the point of explosion outwards. I create a blast radius that pushes energy away. Just like a wind storm- just charged with my intention to  have a specific reaction. Take virtual hands and push back anything that you do not want to be in your vicinity. You are after all spirit too and you often forget that part. You can be on an even playing field and take control.


John xx