Personal Readings

Getting a psychic reading is a great way to fully understand yourself and the things that are going on in your life. A reading can help you gain deeper awareness and insight, and often help you see your situation through a different set of eyes. Often when you are in the midst of a problem you can not see what you need to because you are emotionally invested in the outcome. As a reader we will never tell you what you should do. You have complete control over your situation and your future.

Your initial reading provides you with insight to the present, and how things may go. Wait for things to run its course. It may take several months to play out. So be patient. Requesting a reading too soon may result in the same information.

We are all born with an internal navigation system. Ask yourself what you need. Is it something that you can take a look at and resolve on your own? Do not be afraid to use your own intuition at any time! Your own intuition is your greatest asset use it. As a Teacher we will lead you to material that will help you learn how you can go within and find your answers and help yourself.

Many want the answers given to them, It can become an addiction, like any addiction it is not healthy for you. Our desire is to help you understand that the answers are always inside you and you are very capable of finding them and living the life you desire.

If you have received a reading and are struggling ask questions. State that you are struggling. Allow us to help you. If you need clarification on something ask. If you are seeing positive results tell us that too. We want to work with you to achieve your desires not hinder your growth

Love & Light
Maria Meeker