Pet Communication Session

Inshadows this session, the provider will connect spiritually to the energy of your pet. It’s really all about the energy of any individual when communicating, unlike voicing the words most of the communication is done telepathically through pictures in one’s mind eye as it’s sending out to that party. Its all done ‘From The Heart Center’ Often communicating with animals much easier than human beings because they don’t have all the excess baggage and there’s no ego to get in the way. They are pure love and except our human conditions with the upmost patience and understanding _ Janis

Animals are also energy with a soul consciousness just like we are . They can be read like passed family. Since animals are so in tune with nature and their surroundings we are able to read their energy while one this earth and if they are over the rainbow bridge. They have a voice and we hope to help their voice be heard. – Treesha