June Full Moon 6 Tarot Card Reading – Reveal

Welcome to our June 2015 Full Moon Tarot Reading!
This is fun because you are going to learn to trust yourself and your intuition with this event. You will be picking 6 cards from these 39, drawn from 3 different decks by 3 different readers. It’s really fun to see how much they relate to you and what is going on right now.
To begin please take 4 or 5 deep cleansing breaths, and with each breath try to hold your breath in for a few seconds and slowly release. Once your breathing seems comfortable ask your guides and loved ones to surround you in love and ask that you be guided to choose the 6 cards.
1) Trust in yourself
2) Think about what you need to know most about.
3) Scan the cards and write down the 6 numbers you are most attracted to. These can all be from one photo or from all three, mix it up if you like. We are using Goddess Major Arcana, Angel oracle, and Wizard Tarot.
First card represents past influences on the current situation.
Second card represents the current situation.
Third card represents obstacles in your way that you are aware of.
Fourth card represents obstacles you are not aware even exist, but knowing will help get through this.
Fifth card represents some advice (that you will be giving to yourself so you should trust it!) to help with decision making.
Finally the sixth card is the possible outcome of the situation SHOULD YOU CHOOSE to follow the advice. You control your own fate always.

Have Fun! Pick your cards BEFORE READING REVEAL….

THE REVEAL…. Here is the reveal for the 6 cards you chose for yourself.First card represents past influences on the current situation.Second card represents the current situation.Third card represents obstacles in your way that you are aware of.Fourth card represents obstacles you are not aware even exist, but knowing will help get through this.Fifth card represents some advice (that you will be giving to yourself so you should trust it!) to help with decision making.Finally the sixth card is the possible outcome of the situation SHOULD YOU CHOOSE to follow the advice. You control your own fate always.Card 1 The Sun: The Sun represents success, radiance and abundance.

The Sun gives you strength and tells you that no matter where you go or what you do, your positive and radiant energy will follow you and will bring you happiness and joy. People are drawn to you because you can always see the bright side and you bring such warmth into other people’s lives. This beautiful, warm energy is what will get you through the tough times and will help you succeed. You are also in a position where you can share your highest qualities and achievements with others. Radiate who you are and what you stand for. Shine love on those you care about. You have an innate sense of confidence right now. Life is good, the sun is shining and you are on your way to achieving your goals. Having struggled through the shadow sides you now know yourself and know where you are heading, and the sun illuminates your path.

Card 2 The Four of Swords Reversed: The Four of Swords reversed can indicate that you are feeling restless and wanting to do everything at once. You are a bit frazzled and stressed out. There may be a situation from the past that is affecting your now. If bad feelings and or traumatic events have not been appropriately worked through and dealt with the time is now to do so. Confronting one’s own inner demons and working through the darkness and sadness is the only way to get out of the darkness and into the light waiting for you.

Card 3 King of Pentacles Reversed: This card can represent traits of yourself or of someone around you. This is a card of extreme rigidness, Always having to be right and not swaying from your traditional beliefs. While it is a great thing to know who you are and what you stand for it’s not ok to make others feel less than or to push your values and way of thinking on others. Are you a workaholic? Are you missing out on the little things? It may be time to have a little fun.

Card 4 Eight of Pentacles: This is one of my favorite cards! It shows you have worked hard at what you are trying to accomplish and the work is about to pay off. Be proud of yourself for working hard to accomplish your goals. This card deals with financial, work as well as spiritual endeavors.

Card 5 Nine of Wands: You have been or are about to be tested. You have been through hell and back and stand tall and upright. You can handle a lot but please do not be afraid to ask for help; Even though it seems just as one thing is being settled and something else is being thrown at you know you will make it through with determination . It’s ok to ask for help, sometimes we need to lean on someone while we finish a fight. Call on your friends, family and higher spiritual self for assistance and a pep talk.

Card 6 The Hierophant Reversed: The reversed Hierophant is about questioning tradition and asking yourself whether what you are doing is really the right thing by you. You may have been running on automatic so far and following the crowd but now you realize that perhaps things are not the way they seem and changes need to be made. What is your truth? It is important to remember our truth’s can and should change as this is an important part of growth.

Card 7 Eight of cups: This card indicated feelings of disappointment, feeling abandoned, a need to escape and withdraw. You may be seeking a deeper connection spiritually to help cope with the losses you have incurred. While this can be a good thing to do to help understand what we need to, do not forget to check in with friends and loved ones who do call to check on you. Do not say no to every invite but please accept a few. There may be someone who understands more than you know, they have valuable advice for you.

Card 8 Five of Cups Reversed: This card indicates a new beginning, a new relationship. It is about moving on from past hurts and indiscretions. You have learned what you needed to and now is the time to practice forgiving yourself and others. You cannot forget the things that have happened in the past but you are finally able to move forward with a new outlook on life. It is time to finish picking up the pieces and create your new world.

Card 9 Three of Wands Reversed: This is a card of frustration, you have been working hard on your goals but there have been setbacks and you feel you have wasted your time. Do not fret! Sometimes these setbacks are for our own good, they give us time to reevaluate our path and see where we have taken a misstep and allow us to fix it and make a better choice. You will see the greater picture soon. Often when we have a set goal we plow ahead with our plans and forget the details, now is the time to get detail oriented.

Card 10 The Chariot Reversed: This card suggests you have or feel a lack of control in some area or all areas of life. This is a time to make a list of all your problems and worries and one by one decide if there is anything you can physically do to fix them. If you cannot fix them or make them better than this means you need to cut it loose. Send it to the universe to deal with, it will work itself out. Only worry about what issues you can do something about. Tackle them one by one to ease that overwhelming feeling.

Card 11 The Five of wands: This is a card of conflict and battles. Everyone is doing a lot of talking and point making about their way of seeing things and no one is listening. Take several steps back from the situation. There are things you are not seeing. Sometimes we do not need to talk but listen instead.

Card 12 Ace of Swords Reversed: The Ace of Swords reversed identifies clouded judgement and lack of mental clarity around a specific situation. You are missing important information or evidence that will assist you in your problem, so invest your time and energy into seeking out the truth, rather than simply taking things at face value. It can also suggest that a situation has regressed into to a state of complete chaos and confusion. Whatever clarity you had about the specific situation is now gone, and instead it feels like there is just one big mess. Listen to your intuition.

Card 13 Six of wands Reversed: you may find yourself doubting your abilities and your potential for success. You may feel negatively about yourself and as if you have failed both yourself and others. You are lacking confidence, and need the support and recognition of others to pick you up and give you strength again. You may have fallen from a position recently and your ego has taken a hit. Solar Plexus may need balancing as you may be under or over active. Balance is the key here. A Happy medium in which you can work with confidence.

Card 14 Bridgette : Caution is warranted, look deeper into the situation before proceeding further. Look at all sides and angles.

Card 15 Patience: Now is the time to learn, study and gather information. Enjoy being a student because in the future you will be the teacher.

Card 16 Archangel Michael: I am with you giving you courage to make life changes that will help you work on your divine life purpose.

Card 17 Desiree: No, conditions are not favorable right now, wait. Look into other options and ask the angels for help, guidance and comfort.

Card 18 Azure: Your desired outcome will occur in the very near future. Have patience and faith and do not try to force it to happen. Trust it will.

Card 19 Opal: Your children on earth and in heaven are happy and well cared for by God and the angels.

Card 20 Crystal: Have faith and hope because there is something positive and new on the horizon that you cannot see yet.

Card 21 Rosetta: You have a gift for working with young people and your divine purpose involves helping, teaching or parenting children.

Card 22 Aurora: You are flying bright now which may threaten others but do not descend because others will soon be inspired by you.

Card 23 Maya: Schooling, study and education help your life’s purpose and personal growth at this time. Angels will guide you and help you with this process.

Card 24 Grace and Antionette: To help heal this situation see the other persons point of view with compassion and understanding.

Card 25 Adriane: I am leading you toward the answer to your prayers. Please listen to and follow the steps I am communicating through your intuition, thoughts and dreams.

Card 26 Celeste: A happy move to a new home or place of employment is in the works- this movement will usher in positive new energy.

Card 27 Balance Yemana, the Santeria goddess of the ocean, is often called upon to provide rain: water that brings forth life and nurtures the earth, like the waters of the womb. She symbolizes the divine balance between heaven and earth. Meanings: Experiencing or seeking a deep sense of harmony and union. Integration, Moderation. Balance between the spiritual (symbolized by water) and the physical (symbolized by earth or sand).

Card 28 Strength, Oya: Oya, the Yoruba goddess of the Niger River, is considered a patroness of female leadership and strength. Because of this, women will often ask her for the right words to gain power. Meanings: The strength to create peace between opposing forces. These forces may be inside you or personified in a situation. Tame them: you have the strength!

Card 29 Contemplation, Chang O: Chang O, the Chinese moon goddess, was exiled to the moon because of her need to obtain divinity. With a white hare as her only companion, she spent much time alone contemplating life’s mysteries. Meanings: The need to go within to gain knowledge, to own one’s divinity. Withdrawal to better contemplate life.

Card 30 The Star, Inanna: Clothed with the stars, Inanna, the great goddess of the Bronze Age, was honored with the title “Queen of Heaven.” Meanings: Follow your dreams without fear—don’t be afraid to make them happen! Success, good fortune, creativity.

Card 31 Movement, Rhiannon: The British horse goddess Rhiannon is believed to appear to her followers while riding an unearthly white horse. In this way, Rhiannon symbolizes the unceasing force of movement which pulls all of life along with it. Meanings: Movement into the next phase of life. If you are feeling impatient, don’t worry: transitions will go smoothly. Career advancement

Card 32 Transformation, Ukemochi Reversed : After her death, the Japanese food goddess Ukemochi’s body transformed to supply food to humanity. Her head turned into cows; grain sprouted from her forehead; rice plants sprouted from the goddess’s belly—and so, life was transformed from death. Meaning: Fear of change. Resisting transformation change and dealing with grief.

Card 33 Fertility, Estsanatlehi: This benevolent Navajo corn goddess symbolizes the ever-changing, ever-fertile earth. Like the earth itself, Estsanatlehi appears as a young maiden for the spring and summer months; as the wheel of the year changes to fall and winter, she changes in age to a crone. Meanings: Feelings of fertility and abundance. A new relationship which celebrates one’s growth as a woman. Creativity. A pregnancy.

Card 34 Fortune, Lakshmi: The Hindu goddess of fortune and prosperity, Lakshmi is believed to be attracted to sparkling jewels, which are like the riches she bestows upon her favored worshippers. Meanings: The generosity of the universe. The ability to be open to abundance. Positive expectations. Awareness of beauty and love.

Card 35 Justice, Athena: Often depicted with an owl as a symbol of enlightenment, the Greek goddess Athena’s brilliance of reason was said to be as penetrating as her clear, gray eyes. Skilled without equal in the art of battle, she gave just protection to those in need of defense. Meanings: The need to take a more detached viewpoint of a troublesome situation. Imagine yourself as wise as Athena: are you being fair to yourself and those around you? The ability to defend oneself so that justice may be done.

Card 36 The Moon, Diana: In ancient Rome, Diana was honored as the goddess of the moon as well as of wild forests and animals. The changing moon reflects the cycles of nature and of life. Meanings: Support of women who truly care for you. Intuition. The receptive aspects of the Divine Feminine. Intense dreams.

Card 37 Beginnings, Tara: Tibetans believe that the goddess Tara has the power to heal all sorrows and grant all wishes. Tara is honored as the protectress against the many fears that block men and women from living in happiness and harmony. Meanings: Innocence which protects. New beginnings. Optimism. Innocent trust.

Card 38 Love, Venus: Created from the happy union of sea and sky, Venus, the Roman goddess of love, has been described by many as the queen of pleasure and passion. Meanings: A renewed awareness of the nature of passionate love and what is needed to encourage it. Artistic creativity. Sexuality. Integration of the masculine and feminine. A new, important relationship.

Card 39 The Sun, The Zorya: In Russian mythology, the three Zorya are goddesses-attendants to the sun god. As well as bringing warmth and light to the world, the sun represents the brightness of intellect, creativity, and fertility. Meanings: An expansive, life-affirming energy. Creativity. Relationships with children. Fertility. Love. Masculine, or yang, energy