Homework Part 1

Tee Time – Homework Practice Exercise 1

Recommended Materials – a notebook for journaling, pen or pencil and the desire to practice.

Please read this article before you start…… Finding the Truth…by Looking Within.

Ok folks here we go – as there are so many new faces on here Wicks and I thought it would be a good idea to start at the beginning – as he says its the best place to start  so I apologize if anyone has already read and done the following – but even if you have its fun to do again. Firstly you need to understand that this homework is your first step to strengthening your link to the spirit world – each one of us is on a different journey – we are at different stages even as we begin – therefore this is no competition – and no ego will work here lol. You will not all experience the same thing and that is because you do not need to. But an overall lesson is within each piece of homework and these are set by Wicks (my guide) and if you have met him before you will know there is often a lesson within a lesson……. All we ask to start with is that you have – an open heart and mind and trust and honesty within yourself. Do not read what anyone else writes until the reveal has been posted. The only person you will be cheating is yourself. So to lesson number one.

Once you have read the above in full – you will understand that the practice of mediumship and the trust you have with the information you get is only within you. The only persons approval you need is yours. You and you alone will know if you are talking to spirit or if your imagination is kicking in. But the lessons are here to help you work out the differences.With this first photograph I would like you to sit and look at it and think – make your mind and imagination work – look at him closely – what he is wearing, whats in his eyes – imagine who he is and the kind of life he had, his childhood and profession. Make a judgement by what you see in the photo. You will get this one wrong. BUT that’s the point. To start the journey to link to the energy of a past soul you first need to understand the way that link is made and this is best done by understanding the link you have to this earth body and mind you have – you are going to have to trust me on this one – but in order for you to get it right you need to first get it wrong. So sit quiet look at him and make your judgements – simple write a paragraph or a few words in your journal

Have fun xxx