Homework 6


Over the past week if you have had a go at the previous homework you should have learnt a bit about your brain and how it ticks on this earth plane and you should have started to naturally calm down and look around you with the awareness walks and meditations.

Now is the start of the journey to switch that earth brain off and open your conciousness to the worlds beyond this one.

Over time you will learn that you need no tools to do this – it is as natural as breathing – however reaching that stage only comes with trust – trust in your guides and yourself. So the following instructions – whilst are not really needed – serve in order to calm you down and build this trust.

Before you start I would like you all to know you are safe – nothing but good will come from this. You are protected by just being here.
One thing I will ask you to do is NOT read anything else anyone has posted until you have finished the task. The reason for this is that as soon as you read you will have put thoughts in your head and at this stage you are trying to switch your thoughts off and not add to them. The only person whom you will be cheating is you. TRUST you.
Before you begin chose a time when you can have a good 30 mins+ of quite time. Turn off anything which will make a noise – you need peace and calm. In time you will be able to do this amongst chaos – but for now find that calm quiet place.

When you have this – sit with the attached photo on your screen or printed out in front of you. And nothing else. (turn off that chat if you have it on your fb screen lol) Sit comfortable.

Now I want you to close your eyes and breath – concentrate on your breathing – deep breath. Take a deep breath in and hold it…. then let it out nice and slow. Keep doing this – you will find you will be able to breath in deeper and holder it for longer. Feel it fill your lungs and feel it come out your nose – slow – deep and controlled. You need to do this until you feel your heart rate slow and you are relaxing.

If you wish you may imagine a lotus flower in bud on the top of your head – as you breath you can imagine this budded flower slowly opening – a beautiful lotus flower opening up your pineal gland and linking you to your ancestors.

When you are ready – ask your guides to come closer – this can take time and you may find you feel nothing the first few times you do this. But ask for a sign – be specific – ask for it to go cold or hot – to feel a tingle – or goosebumps – you may ask for a touch but if you have not done this before go for a heat change. Feel a cool breeze on your hands.

Ask your guide to link to the man in the painting and show images. I promise you this man WILL help you. You are perfectly safe with him. He is a gentle soul wit nothing but your best interests at heart. You do not need to ask him anything – just watch the film appear in your third eye. Feel him. Listen to him. When you have have finished just type up your notes here.

Have fun
Tee xx