Homework Part 3

Homework part 3 -Over the past few days you will have learnt a bit more about how you brain works and felt it ticking over. The time has come now to learn to switch it off. This is where the hard work comes and this will take some time – everyone is on a different journey – this is no competition and where you go from here will be your journey which you have already signed up to….

But Your guide(s) have been with you since you were born – and they are learning too…. They operate on a higher vibration and are learning to lower it in order to connect to you – you are learning to heighten your vibration in order to connect with them… this takes time…

Everyone is born with a certain about of 6th sense – be it just a gut feel – (I am sure you have walked into a room and felt an atmosphere at some point) however not everyone is not born with a gift of mediumship… but that does not mean you cannot grow your psychic 6th sense and link to that consciousness.

Most natural mediums will have had experiences as a child. (But then there are a few I have met which did not until very late in life) A lot of this is to do with awareness.

Even if you do have mediumship you will still have a guide and can still talk to them and may even find over time you can feel them…You can still ask them questions which they will answer – if you cannot hear them they will learn to show you in other ways – ie you ask and then within a few days you will find or hear of something with an answer – ie a song, a new person, you may even read it or see it in a dream… It will be there and its all about awareness.. often the answer is given and you are not aware of it…

As your gift grows you may find you have a need to meet your guide – do not push it – will show themselves when you and they are ready.

You will feel them before you see them – the last thing they want to do is pop up next to you and scare you… so this is a slow process. It should never ever be scary.

So to homework part 3 –

Over the next few days I would like you to do an ‘awareness walk’ – where you relax before you go out and walk slowly. Plan a time to do this at first – relax before you go – just sit for a few mins and breath, or take a warm bath or listen to soft music anything which allows you to relax….. then go to your front door and say out loud – this is mt awareness walk – go with intend – say I will see, I will hear, I will feel, I will know.

Then step outside and breath deep – and walk – slowly – plod along as you did as a kid and look, feel, hear…… do not think do not even ponder about any life issue – if they pop up – just say to yourself Ok I know thats an issue and I will deal with it later – then breath deep and let it go and look again – make yourself notice the small stuff…. the flowers, the bees, the trees, the colours, the smells – you will be amazed how much small beautiful stuff is all around you… even just go to your garden take you shoes off and stand bare foot in the grass – feel it – smell it and look around you…. the more you become aware the more you will see. Take a camera with you then post your pictures for us all to see – i will post the ones from a walk I did with my kids.

When you come back – come back and rest – you will feel different I promise.
Then look at meditations – Meditation is a must.. you need to learn how to switch your logical brain off whilst at home and see and feel…..start with simple guided meditations …. learn to relax – do not question it – let it flow… you are on a journey and part of that journey is enjoying the ride and to stop asking ‘are we there yet’….

Try this one to start with http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ehOkTKLVV2E

In part 4 we will learn how to breath and protect and then your first link will begin – I will post this over the weekend – in the meantime do the awareness walk a few times and listen to guided meditations.

Have fun


Tee xxx


Guided Meditation – “Lost Valley Of the Elves” Middle Earth – LOTR
Let this guided visualization take you into a serene world that existed long ago. Walk into a valley…