Homework 11




This is important as if you read what others have already said then those thoughts are in your head and you will have a harder time trying to switch off your logical brain

Do not make a judgement of how they look……….. just sit comfortable, breath deep a few times and relax..Take a deep breath in – fill your lungs – and hold it for a few seconds and then breath out slowly…taken another but hold this one a bit longer than the first…feel your shoulders relax…… hold off breathing in for few seconds and then repeat – you will find you can breath deeper and hold for longer on each one – you only need to do about 4 or 5 of these – but do it as long as you need to – its not about making a link – its about getting you to relax and turning off your logical brain..and be more aware…..

Now close your eyes – DO NOT look at the picture………in your mind invite your guide closer (You may feel a change in temperature, a breeze or a touch – if its too strong just ask them to move away a little) Then when comfortable explain to them you would link to link with the person in the picture and can they help by showing you images, sounds, words, feeling or smells which will help………. then just breath and relax… do not think anything, do not guess..do not push it… just let a picture, a sound, a thought, a feeling, come natural to your mind and body…its will seem totally random…

It is these random images, sounds and smells etc you write down…..do not try to make a story out of what you get – just right down what you hear, see, smell, feel…. even if its just odd words…. have as many goes as you like……..Again NOTHING is wrong……… it is not a competition… its about you recognizing the difference of where that thought, image or feeling is coming from…. and part of that is getting it wrong……… have fun xxx

HW11I would like you to get a bio pen or pencil and paper. Do the breathing exercise and relax. Connect to your guides and invite this man close to you. Allow him to take your hand and draw…. it will feel odd at first… but relax and allow it to follow.. it will get very fast at one point.. then stop.

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