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Energy is within you and flows through you.




  1. a healing technique based on the principle that the therapist can channel energy into the patient by means of touch, to activate the natural healing processes of the patient's body and restore physical and emotional well-being.

There are many methods and modalities that are classified as "energy work" In our experience, we are able to send and change energy within a person to help alleviate symptoms of an unbalanced body, mind and soul. Being intuitive by nature we all have the ability to help ourselves and others.

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About Us

John Colón
Through the Brotherhood of Light and Council of Elders, I believe that healing comes in many forms. Through mediumship, energy work or simply a conversation to help you understand the spirit world and how it plays a natural part in your healing process. My approach is to help teach the world that a healing session will utilize many spiritual modalities. The end result is ‘ A powerful but simple experience of healing through a direct connect to source energy. By creating this experience it creates a shift in a person that illuminates that spark that we all have within us.
I am an Fire Reiki Master/Teacher, Life Purpose Coach, Direct Energy Channel and Medium
Spirit has given me the tasks of ‘Gatekeeper”, “Master/Teacher”  and “Overseer” In working with these high vibration energies I have been able to create the same methods of communication they use to reach us as well as open portals to heaven.
I work along side the Angelic Realm and other ascended dimensional energies to better serve our divine purpose.
Spirit has created the union of souls knows as to help spread awareness and teaching. We believe in networking while sharing experiences as we learn from ourselves and each other.

Mary Jo Friedman M.A., Ed. is a spiritual meditation teacher, an empathic healer, Reiki Master, IET practitioner, and one of the cofounders of  Mary Jo has been aware of her spiritual nature, being a spirit in a physical body, and recalls being conscious of leaving her body at a very young age, as well as seeing spirit in her bedroom at night.   This awareness has given her an extraordinary sense of acceptance and understanding of life and the transitions we all take to the next phase of life.

Throughout the years she experienced many astonishing premonitions, visions and events, including a profound waking vision at 26 of the passing of her brother-in-law one week before his transition to the spirit world.  In service to the planet, she’s been asked by spirit to help heal issues on a global scale, and she’s foreseen a few world events including the presidency of Donald Trump one year before the election.

Mary Jo works with Archangels and Ascended Master Teachers who are members of The Great White Brotherhood, The Council of Elders, The Council of Love and Compassion and the Planetary Council for the betterment and healing of individuals and the planet.   After years of studying with many excellent guides and teachers in the physical and in spirit, she has been granted the role of “Master Teacher” by the Ascended Masters of the Council of Elders.   She has been shown and experienced at least one time, many aspects of healing and spirit communication, in order that she may more effectively assist others in developing their unique gifts and sensitivities.

Here to teach, her passion is helping others transform their lives.  She believes it is everyone’s birthright as spirit to be aware of their connection to their own divinity.  Mary Jo’s mission is to assist others to have, and understand their own personal experiences in working with the highest light of heaven in order that they may grow spiritually in peace, love and light.

Available Services: In Person, Online or Private groups in your home or Our Location

***Empaths, Psychics, Mediums and Healers***

What is your natural gift?

Do you have the desire to enhance your abilities and discover new ones?

Energyflows Foundations will attune you to the ” Flow” of divine source and the call of your soul.

Energyflows teaches all aspects of awareness and development but as all things a solid foundation creates a safe and strong structure you can build upon.

We listen, guide and teach you how to develop your own individual style.

Everything is energy that comes to us and from us. Knowing the basic fundamentals in a safe place where you can explore with like minded individuals is the key to your awareness and how to stop other energy from disrupting yours. Most people are unaware and think that it is just them but we can show you there is more to the unseen world and it starts with you.


We are pleased to announce that has established physical classes in Energy Awareness. These classes will be located here on Long Island New York. The ultimate goal of this course is to help you connect to the energy that resides in your heart so that you can move through life in a more centered and peaceful way. This course will also build your foundation to safely explore your own energy potential. Whether you are simply interested in understanding the energy exchange between you and the people around you, or want to develop your intuitive senses, this class will give you a solid foundation and understanding to do that.

Here you will be given the building blocks that will help you to better understand and in the future safely explore higher level energy work such as mediumship, psychic development, dream communication, guide work, angelic communication and self healing.  We will provide a hands on energy experience in a safe protected space so you may explore the inner workings of divine intelligence.  We are looking to “illuminate”  people seeking an understanding in the arts of energy.  Everyone processes and perceives energy in their own unique way according to their own perceptual strengths. In this series, we will explore the energy body that surrounds us all and how it relates to the physical body and connects us to the spiritual realms. We may touch upon and explore each person’s sensory perceptions throughout the nine sessions.

We structure your learning based on your learning needs. Once you have explored your own energy, we will demonstrate in the 9th week what we call “waking visitations”. This is the process that we have been guided to provide where you will have an opportunity to potentially experience the energy that your loved ones who have transitioned into spirit emit.

Classes Available

**** Enrollment is limited to 12 students so we may provide individual attention ****

We are excited and pleased to offer this service to those who wish to have a physical hands on experience with Co-Founders.

Energyflows Foundations: Workshops

During the workshop Energyflows will interactively teach you step by step how to own your energy system.

  • you will understand intention as it relates to energy work
  • you will learn how to create a sacred space
  • you will learn how to invoke Archangel Michael and become familiar with his energy
  • you will learn positive daily energetic purification practices
  • you will experience the energy that is in and around your physical body
  • you will be able to identify the major energy centers and the colors of light that relate to them
  • you will learn how light relates to your body’s physical, emotional and spiritual functioning
  • you will understand more about how your emotions impact your body’s physical functioning
  • you will learn ways to identify and balance over and under-active energy centers
  • you will learn basic techniques to help you ground and protect your energy
  • you will learn how to develop a meditation practice that will increase your positive energy flow
  • you will understand on a basic level the connection between spiritual communication and your sensory perceptions
  • you will experience meditations that will assist you in maintaining balance in your energy system
  • you will have an opportunity to connect to, through guided meditation, the spiritual realms
  • you may experience a visitation with loved ones who have passed
  • you may experience mental, physical or emotional healing as your energy centers become more balanced

Foundation session fee is $225.00  for the attunement series.

Depending on number of students enrolled and schedule, class time is 3-5 hours on 2 scheduled days.

Session  and dates will vary but remain consistent as a schedule. IE: Monday & Monday Biweekly. or Saturday/Sunday

Private Groups can also reserve their own class. ** We can schedule a weekend session or weekly. Just ask.

Dates will be posted once class is finalized, however additional students may be added.

Hicksville, NY Location

Private Group Meditation Sessions

If you are interested in having MJ & John facilitate a private group meditation-healing session we can accommodate  up to 15 people in our teaching location on Wednesdays or can arrange for a meeting in your own home. We are excited to offer this service to a group of people new to the art of meditation where we specialize on teaching how simple it can be and the possibilities are endless.

Recently, during some events we have hosted people have found peace in their hearts by journeying to heaven and visiting loved ones, reliving past memories from childhood, healing energies for the mind, body, spirit and that is it possible to get out of your own way .  When we allow ourselves into a moment of peace we start the path to healing with that peace.

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Interested in an innovated private experience for yourself?

Schedule a private 30 – 45 minute healing session with MJ and John in a “Two to One”environment. Energy healing and intuitive guidance provided for a different kind of experience. Besides being teachers we are also Fire Reiki Masters.

This session is quite different from other sessions you might have read about or experienced. Often a Reiki session is conducted with a single practitioner and a client in one to one experience but we have decided to offer the same energy healing but we choose to work as a team. In our experience in working together, we can offer two different perspectives on the healing session while channeling universal energy for you. Some people have experienced a deep meditative state, calm and relaxing peace while others journey in the healing process while the Energyflows.

We offer Fire Reiki/Energy healing sessions before our scheduled Wednesday Class Schedule and will always update our calendar if we add other days.

Besides Fire Reiki sessions may include mediumship and Angelic Healing along with The Great White Brotherhood.

*** Students who previously were enrolled in our Foundations Class may take a refresher and total realignment for 1/2 price. ***

Session Fee is for two Fire Reiki Masters. By appointment only. Check times available on calendar.

Distant-remote sessions available at various times as a convenience through phone or Video Conference.

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