Energy Awareness – Past into present healing event

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Happy 4 Year Anniversary to LIPMC – In always striving to pursue the next level of the what if’s I have uploaded a simple video to our You Tube channel. I call it an experiment in energy and the possibilities. There is no timeline in energy so I thought i would play in celebration. you never know the outcome of what you can do unless you “try” . it is a 3 minute dialog that ask you to be aware and to see if i can connect via energy from a recorded time stamped file. I am giving this life as I write this and connecting to source to filter through .

If I have made connection via this link, you should have had a tingling feeling from the head down through your feet and also from your feet up.

It is a general healing/cleansing set to give you a breather and to create an experience. You probably did not realize or notice if your mood changed, light tingles in your hands and feet but listen again and see if you then notice.

There will also be a radiance of warmth and calmness through your entire being.  This is the connection to source which is providing the healing energy that you are feeling.

Please leave comments if you have or even have not felt/experienced the EnergyFlow.

Its for my learning curve as I can always change the approach.

Thanks for stopping in – John


EnergyFlows Energy Test