Tale-Lore Made Tattoo

Everyone has a story! What’s yours?

Personalized and Memorial Art by David Colón

I am sure you are wondering why I chose the name Tale-Lore Made.  In starting my own development through Energyflows.org, I have been inspired to create art that tells a story. We all have a story to tell and I hope to help you tell the story that you feel you need to express. Tattoo’s are a permanent stamping in time of how you feel or want to pay tribute to a person whom has touched your life. I will work with you to develop a custom representation that will help feed your soul and nurture your heart.

Do you find yourself liking a certain genre of art or time period. What is your theme or passion you wish to capture in a moment of time. I would love the opportunity to take that journey with you.

As an Energyflows Holy Fire Reiki practitioner, clients have experienced healing through the use of Reiki while in the process of tattooing. I allow the energy to flow through my hands as a conduit through the needle and ink.  This is a very different method of ” hands on healing” than most however, it provides a calm and relaxed session.

Tattoo Sessions are available in Long Island  by appointment only.

Gallery of Sample Artwork

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