Homework 9B

**** Admin Reveal *****
When I chose the person we were reading I thought to create a two part exercise that would allow your minds to either go with the flow or see if your mind would stop you from an appearance. Ultimately, a soul is a soul and the lesson was to see past a facade or predetermined thinking.
Many of you were linking into the first picture with ease as it is a kind appearance and you “allowed yourself the pleasant interaction”. when I posted the wicked witch picture there were a lot less responses and attempts at entering the same space. Was that a childhood fear that stopped you, the appearance of something made to look unpleasant?
The same can go for “healers” that are opening up their gift. Are you seeing past the initial representation.
Years ago i would always see mangled, bloody, disfigured and burned people that were spirit – At first i thought they were ” lower entities but came to realize that that these were just people that have crossed over but have only kept their last known physical appearance. they were looking for help and understanding for the were here and now they weren’t. always remember that people are people -always !!!! it just might take a different look and approach and discernment. Great job in listening to her 🙂





For a video into her energy as a person follow this Margaret Hamilton Video

Here is your reveal: A lovely Lady Indeed.