Free Mentorship for one beginner or advanced student with John Colon

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For the Holiday Season I will be giving away a Mentorship series.

You will have the choice to explore spiritual energy via mediumship guidance, personal development or the healing arts. You might think you're a beginner but could be a natural in advanced work. I will help you discover your natural abilities.

This offer is currently valid for a mentorship session online through Facebook, FaceTime or Zoom

I will be conducting sessions based on your need and level of awareness. We will discuss and explore every method available to help you understand you and your senses. How it works and most importantly how you work.

Beginners are people that feel they might have a sense of intuition or are who are drawn to pursue theĀ  study of etheric/physical energy systems. They might have experiences that they wish to understand or are susceptible to outside influences of stress or other people's energy.

Advanced students already have a working understanding but wish to push their training in challenging ways.

The rules are quite simple. Be the person who shares and refers this page to their friends by using your unique referral code. You must confirm the email that is sent that you registered with and you will be given your code to share. Whoever has the most referral points wins!!!

I will be choosing one person that has the most shares from their unique code.

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