Every month Energyflows will offer as a giveaway a private session with group of members from the Author Team. You will have the opportunity to pick from the many services available that we offer. Among some offerings would be a Psychic Reading, Mediumship Session, Distant Healing Session or Mentorship Session. The goal is to help people through awareness and the spreading of free information that is available on our website. Have a look around at the many articles being posted by many wonderful people and hopefully you will find the answers you are looking for through someone else's experience. There is no cost for your entry but your chances are greater for being the winner with the highest shares or points. Check your email for a confirmation link to activate your entry and share your unique code that is provided. This is the only way your points accumulate. ***By signing up for this contest you will be added to our mailing list where your information will never be shared with any other service. It will be used only for communicating special events.  " />

Win a session with Energyflows Authors.

150.00 VALUE