Photo by:  Dannielle Thatcher Images

Spirituality is many things to me.  It represents a way of being, and at the core for me is the awareness that the quest is to love.  There are things that I’ve learned that are an accumulation of growth from many lives lived.  Some things I’ve learned I can apply both to living this life and for the growth of something much greater than the person I am in this life alone.  I am aware that we are all connected, and that everything is energy, including all thought and all matter.  I know that as energy my thoughts matter.  I have experienced the energy of universal love, and I have witnessed the effects of that energy in the form of miraculous healing.  Understanding my connectedness helps me to see what really matters for both this life and lives to come.  All of my understanding helps me to view situations in this life from a different point of view, as I have witnessed that living with love positively shapes reality.  I know that in this lifetime and across lifetimes, the quality of my choices, understanding, tolerance, acceptance, forgiveness and ability to love unconditionally lead to inner peace.

I have learned how to step outside of my experiences and view situations from a much bigger perspective and with love in my heart. I believe in a greater power and have experienced this presence in my life in many ways.  Through experiences in mediumship, I am reminded that we don’t die, that our souls live on, and I know that what we do here in every moment matters.  I understand the purpose of life is to create and to learn and grow spiritually.  Our actions in how we treat others create ripples that shape the future.  I understand that how we live, the choices we make, big and small have meaning.  In the smaller picture of this lifetime, this helps me to let go of things much more easily, to love more and to forgive.  In the larger picture of my soul, I know that everything is influenced cumulatively by our growth.

My guides have shown me how we have choices in the moment to be calm or to allow our emotions to rule our actions. I see the struggles of others and the drama of their lives and I sometimes wish I could give them all that I have in terms of inner peace, and all that I know in my heart to help them to be calm and centered and choose love and understanding over emotions like anger and hatred.  I recognize that I can only live my example and offer guidance, and though we are connected, the journey here is an individual one.  I know that each person is doing the best they can with where they are.  I have learned a great deal about tolerance.  I know that when I am able to put myself in the place of another, it allows me to see them from a soul perspective.  When you do this – you cannot deny any other to be worthy of love, no matter how it may seem on the surface!

I can honestly say that even though some may have wronged me, I do not hate them, and release them with love, for they have been some of my greatest teachers.  When someone acts unkindly towards me, I forgive them for I can see their struggles, and understand they act in line with the vibration of their emotions and in line with where they are in their growth.  I see the child in everyone and I am aware of the purity in all human beings at the core.  The poet Henry Wadsworth Longfellow wrote, “If we could read the secret history of our enemies we would find in each man’s sorrow and suffering enough to disarm all hostility.”  In looking for that connection, in seeing the possibility in ourselves – forgiveness becomes easy, letting go easy, love easy.

By no means am I perfect in this life, but these lessons, and the understanding I have gained serve as a great reminder to me of what to strive for.  I have been able to forgive myself for the things I may have done to hurt any other being, for I can see the purity of my own soul as well, and have been able to replace any guilt or shame with self-love.  Choosing love in all situations is where peace is found.  In doing this I plant the seeds of a better future.  I see death as a celebration and continuation of life that will be shaped by my choices in this life.  This helps to keep me aware and balanced.  This knowledge and understanding is freeing and allows me to live joyfully and with peace in my heart.    I wish for inner peace to you all as you grow in this as well!


Love and light,

MJ Friedman xoxo