Life’s Journey – Lessons & Plans

We are all one - We are all energyWe are all one – We are all energy

When I was 5 years old I announced to a teasing group of adults that spirituality would one day be proved by science – 40 years on and its nice to see quantum physics is catching up fast. I knew then we were all one and that one was energy, but now I understand it.

We really are all one – we are source – we are god – at our purest state ‘souls state’ we are like a mist of energy which travels in many directions yet still all connected. The vibration of one can be felt by the masses.

The simplest way to think about this is a molecule of water and the cycle it takes from rain, to mountain stream, to river, to sea, to mist, to cloud, to rain… READ MORE

Finding the truth withinFinding the truth within

When we encounter any new experience, as a child we look towards our elders and our peers to make sense of it. We take their learnt experience and trust it’s right, as we grow older we start to question what we had thought we had learnt… our own judgment and extended learning, our logic and as a gifted person our gut starts to question what once we thought we knew. But sometimes we simply blindly accept all we are told as the truth and things get blurred along the way. Being told something is right and knowing something is right is two different things. You can be told as many times has you like. But you and only you must find the truth within. READ MORE

Finding the truth within Faith in Humanity

#‎FaithinHumanity‬ ‪#‎EnergyFlows‬

Do not build your faith in all of humanity around the actions of a few, who have lost their way from love, and who live with evil intent. When you judge humanity and prejudice groups of people as a whole through a dirty lens such as that, the terrorists win. They breed hate by design and by creating fear and chaos. That’s what they want, they want to rob you of your personal power. They want to cloud the truth. If they can rob you of your ability to choose love over hate, to choose peace, to lose faith in all of humanity, they win. This is your test! How will you do? READ MORE

Finding the truth withinSoul Mates, Twin Flames and Soul Flames

These are member of your soul famiy, whom are grouped with you here n earth in order to help you learn your lessons. The link is often mutual in growth. But these people are very different and very diffrent effcts on your lift path. READ MORE

Finding the truth withinThis journey we call life – why are we here?

They say its a funny old world at times – and yet you only truly understand what that means with wisdom, and wisdom normally comes with age – this thing we call life is but a school, a training ground, a place of learning.

But, a training ground for what? What exactly was it we signed up for? What are the tests? Is there an exam? How will I know when I’m finished? All perfectly normal questions. Yet there is no set course work, no rules, no right or wrong answers – the whole thing is simply about inner growth and understanding.

There is not a single soul on this earth who does not have a story to tell – every single person all 7 billion souls have a life journey to tell, and as we progress on this journey the sorties become richer and deeper (and of course there are those with profound stories even as children)

Yet every single one of us will experience, the extremes of emotions from pure joy to being distraught.

I asked Wick (my guide) why we are here a few weeks ago and he has been giving me pages and pages (which I am typing up) but the bottom line is  ღ contentment ღ an emotional state where you are at one within yourself  READ MORE>>

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