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Rituals. What they are and why you may choose to do them.

What do you think of when you hear the word ritual?

We hear it all the time in some Spiritual circles especially if you study Shamanism or Wicca. They are often thought of as dark magic, scary things we should stay away from. This could not be more wrong!

A ritual is making coffee in the am.

Taking a bath after work.

Having a glass of wine at the end of a trying day.

When we talk about ritual in a Spiritual sense there may be other reasons why you choose do them and the why they are important is what I want to chat about today.

A ritual is a prescribed order of actions and the reason why I like rituals is because they help me to set my intent. I don’t need them… But I do find when working with clients that they help them to get closer to the mindset I’m in when healing. I’m focused and I need them to focus and set the intent for themselves so the benefit lasts longer. This also teaches them they can do this too. All it takes is a bit of focus and intent along with determined energy to make life a bit easier.

I don’t need to burn sage to clear someone but as a client myself, I always appreciate when my instructor comes over to me with her sage stick or bowl. It becomes sacred time. A time I know someone else is caring for me and being gentle with me, ensuring I get exactly what I need out of the upcoming meditation or class. It brings me back into focus for what I want to enjoy. I certainly don’t want to go on a shamanic journey with the days events plaguing me.

Many times rituals are done outside after a house clearing. Generally the ashes from the sage bowl are either buried in the ground or scattered at the end of the driveway- all this is is adding to the intent that the home is protected and clear from outside negative baggage. (We all have baggage and sometimes it gets out of control because we are busy busy)

Some of my favorite rituals are a few from a shamanic tradition I’ve learned in classes.

Blessing and thanking Mother Earth for her gifts and the gifts of the universe by putting a mound of cornmeal (jiffy corn muffin mix works fine- it’s the intent!!)and pouring some milk over it on New Year’s day to show gratitude for abundance, blessing a glass of water before I drink it and then pouring a sip or two into the sink to bless the waterways (I do wish I had a stream in my yard… Ah, someday) and my absolute favorite is driving with no music on and just enjoying the quiet and ready for the day. This is when I set my affirmation for the day.

Many cultures have rituals and some of them are just amazing and beautiful. The Mexican Day of the Dead, Church feast days, the Catholic Church is all ritual and tradition that seeks to bring comfort during difficult times. Meditation is an important ritual all churches advocate for in praying, it isn’t just eastern religion that meditates, Western religion just has a different more accepted name for it and doesn’t always encourage action to go along with it.

All a ritual is, is setting intent. Creating sacred space for yourself and your client. It is super important to explain everything to your client in advance, why you are doing the ritual, what it’s purpose is. Generally I just tell them it’s to create sacred space and get us both in the correct mindset for healing. Because, after all, that is all it is.

Sacred Space can be anything that puts you at ease

Just remember, you may not need them but your client may and will certainly appreciate them.

What are some if your favorite rituals?

Empath Protection: How to deal with an energy invasion

As empaths we know we absorb the energy of those around us. We have all heard the terms Energy Vampires, Psychic Attack and Entities (demons is an even more misleading term)

None of these things are as bad as they are made out to be. It’s just emotions and energy.

We are energy held together by many different things to make us appear solid. Sometimes some of our energy slips out. This happens when we happy, sad, joyous, scared, in love and experiencing anger, jealousy or displeasure. We are all energy plain and simple. Neither good or bad, just energy trying to piece together our place in the world.

Some of us are more sensitive to other people’s energy seeping out than others, these are the empaths or sensitive folks of the world.

It can affect us in both good and bad ways. We feel happy when our date brings us flowers, when our children make us gifts, when our pet runs down the hallway after we call them. We feel their love seeping out of them. We also feel when someone is upset with us, depressed, anxious and in pain and it can really be hard to figure out if those negative things belong to us or if they are the product of an interaction we have had.

Every thing I mentioned, Psychic Attack, Energy Vampires and Entities, are just emotions and energy.

With a foreign invasion of energy (Psychic Attack) the symptoms are:

Quickly and suddenly feeling sick with headache, shooting pain, nausea or anxiety. This will onset fast. You’re fine… Then you are not. You may take some aspirin and find it does not help the symptoms, in fact it may make them worse. I have had this experiance too many times working psychic fairs or after disagreements with people. It litterally hits and then is gone with using the following process. This is how I know it is an energy seepage from someone else. I have had painful migraines immidiately dissapear.

The first thing I like to do in this situation is assess if I was feeling under the weather beforehand. The next thing I do is firmly state to myself that if this feeling is related to another person’s energy seeping (whether intentional or not) that it immidiately be removed from my energy field. Should the pain or discomfort start to subside I will imagine all of the foreign energy being removed. You can do this by visualizing a comb combing through your body and gathering up all the foreign stuff. As you remove everything you may significantly start to feel better. Generally I wrap it up in pretty paper and heal it with what the person needs the most, it isn’t for me to decide, that is for the energy of that person do decide, but generally it is filled with good wishes, healing or some sort and love. Then I send it back. It’s their energy and when it seeped out it left them with an energy loss so I want them to have that energy (or emotion) back transformed. Since an attack of someone’s energy onto yourself can be a jolt, next I replace and heal any holes left in my own energy field. It doesn’t matter what you replace it with and it doesn’t matter if it is related to what you just experianced, all that matters is that it is replenished. You can again visualize doing this in any way but I like to see a color being put back in along with the wish and any affirmation you feel you need to hear. Then I rest and go easy on myself. It can take alot out of you.  I also want to make it clear this is not often done on purpose. It is just energy seepage that is possibly directed at you because of the person’s emotional state. Can it be done with intent? Sure, but often it isn’t so be nice when sending it back. Do unto others!

With an energy drainer (Energy Vampire)

These are the people who just take everything out of you. They complain, they unload all their stuff on you and when you are done talking with them they look and feel much better and you feel like you could sleep for a week and need a drink.

The truth is with these types of people they need healing. They are coming to you likely over and over because you are helping them solve their problems, give them a place to bounce ideas off of and vent. We all need this. It’s perfectly normal. They may be what you call a negative Nellie or an Eeyore. You know this is what you are dealing with if when you are away from them you feel better or the symptoms appear after being with the person. You may adapt to how they appear to you, sad, depressed, angry, drama filled, short tempered… The list goes on and on.

These people need love sent. If I am able I always send them healing and help in any way I can. When I am involved in these situations I always remind myself I am only giving what I would like to be given to me if I were in a tough spot. I affirm that my energy is mine and they cannot take it without my consent. Know your energy is never ending. No one can drain your energy without your consent.

If you are feeling this after being with people who are draining, you need to know your energy has no end. This is important! There is no end to your energy, it is ever present around you so remove the thought of being drained and it won’t happen.

Use any affirmation you need, ask for assistance from other healers if you need to before hand and go forth and help when you are able. You also need to know when you are not able and when to say no, when to hang up the phone or go home. Know your boundaries. Boundaries are key here.

With our own or other people’s negative emotions (Entities/Demons/Attachments)

Entities are just our own negative emotions that tend to fester if they are not dealt with properly. Acceptance that the emotion exists and research and inner seeking as to why it exists is really really helpful here. All emotions have a root cause and when we ignore them, or pretend they don’t exist (like the shadow self) they manifest in greater detail. Long standing anxiety, depression (not all) sleeplessness, feeling as if nothing goes your way among many other things, can be some of the symptoms that there is some healing that needs to take place. This is not something to be dealt with alone and you should seek the help of your general practitioner, counseling and medication if it is advised while you work on the personal healing using complimentary healing like Reiki, the use of sound healing such as your favorite music,and dancing or exercise to move the energy around in your body. Meditation, yoga and lighting some insense or using essential oils for aromatherapy are excellent complimentary healing modules. Do everything and anything you can to enjoy 5 minutes of your life right now.

Now… Sometimes we may pick up someone else’s negative conglomerate of energy. This can happen anywhere. The mall, the grocery store, a friend, a couple worker or any place or home. This in my experience has felt like a giant glob of foreign energy attached to me. It creeps in slow not fast like an attack of emotions and just feels icky. You may feel like you have thoughts that are not your own, have dreams that really don’t make sense to you, feel as if something is following you. What has happened here, and happens frequently, is the negative stuff people let go of and heal from needs to be transformed (remember the pretty paper package?) before it is released. You have to be responsible for what you release so that someone else doesn’t get slapped in the face with it. Energy is not light or dark, positive or negative .. it just is what it is. It doesn’t have a consciousness, you do and you need to tell it what to do. This type of energy may have foreign memories attached to it.(This is why it is often confused with a “ghost” or “demon” causing the negativity) so please please when you release or meditate send what you release back to it’s original source, God, heaven, the purple flame after it has been transformed to something lovely and beautiful. Send as you want to receive. I’ve been slapped with 2 of these types of negative experiances. I don’t wish that type of confusion and unease on anyone.

So again, as with the foreign energy, I remove it, firmly, wrap it in paper, send it back transformed and then replenish my own energy.

It’s always really helpful to employ some energy protection daily until you get the hang of this. Bubble yourself, add in your affirmation for what you will and will not allow, set your boundaries, protect your energy and be happy and productive as you carry on with your wonderful self.


The 12 Immutable Laws of the Universe

Below are a series of live video’s from our Facebook development group. In my experience over the last 8 months of researching and picking apart these Laws of the Universe, putting into action the 5 Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz and visiting my own Akashic Records, I have been able to manifest what I need and desire in life. Every one of these Laws works with another… There is some debate over contradiction and I do address that in some of these video’s. Please keep in mind this is my interpretation of only 12 of the Laws of Attraction, You may agree, disagree or you may be more of Perception of Reality type of person and totally disregard ALL of these Laws in favor of another viewpoint. The Law of Attraction focuses on using our intent to change our world and being active in the changes and the Perception of Reality viewpoint emphasizes that nothing changes, we just decide to see it differently. None of this is wrong, it is just a personal preference based on our experience and background.