John Colon
East Meadow NY
Energyflows Holy Fire Reiki Teacher
UnaTherapy Founder
Energyflows Co-Founder
LIPMC Founder

When your elevation causes people to suddenly push away from your space without cause.

Everything has a phasing of being alike or compatible and on the other end of the spectrum not aligned and incompatible. It is a process that will affect us all in varying points in our lives. Who are your best friends, your support system and how do they fit in your life when you decided to ascend your own shift.

When we embark on a journey to further the mind, the sudden incompatibility has nothing to do with blame or what did I do wrong to cause this relationship
to end. It is a matter of aligned energy in that moment. In seeing a lot of posts about people feeling disconnected and isolated, The question to ask is what is this feelings purpose. Is it to serve as a wake up call for this situation at hand or is it when that situation loses it hold or value within you that you are unsure of how to categorize that energy.

In looking at energy as energy and other defining properties removed such as emotions or brain placement of value. This is a spiritual method to reactivate your guidance system. There are no negative or positive experiences. Just aligned experiences in that moment.

How often do you recall a horrible time like a relationship ending only to find out that later it was the best thing for you or a job loss?  We are alone in solitude by our own design to recalibrate, reprocess and gain a new clarity from clouded infiltrated information in our stream of consciousness. Re-phasing is not a bad thing if you understand the cause.

In order to find a valid point you have to ask yourself what does this process mean to you. In order to see it at face value remove the fears of isolation and rejection and look at it as an energetic compatibility. What fits the new you and yes even though people
are awakening they are also at a different rate of evolvement. ( which also might not fit) the one good thing about social media and the Internet is the availability to make connections – to experience others in the same path and the ability to tune into that path if we choose to.

You can have 1000 friends but at times depending on what you are experiencing at that moment have only a few who can relate. They become a surrogate support system to help hold you steady when you can’t hold yourself. Take any situation you can have a childhood friend that was always there for you, lose contact for a few years but will be there in a heartbeat when needed. Isolation does not mean alone. It is an opportunity for self reflection and growth.

We As Healers

We as healers actually all do the same thing and that is to help alleviate the hurt and burden of others. In the many years of working in this humble profession I have noticed that we all work very differently from each other.

Some just say a prayer and good wishes that work because the person that is asking for them is honestly putting the intention out on a heart link capacity. You do not need to be certified to be a great healer, listener and Energy changer.

We all have the capability to create change by being who we are meant to be, without the paperwork.
Myself as a natural healer Energy worker have earned the title of Holy Fire Reiki Master, Crystal Reiki Master, Shaman and Medium through the evolutions of great teachers that stand in the doorways that we open ourselves while they stand along side us for a small part of the journey. They provide the hand that we hold until we decide to let go into the world of spirit/ universal energy. Sometimes we are afraid when we are pushed from the nest to help us fly beyond our own limitation. They safety net becomes an energetic crutch that eventually disappears and we fly on.

While I initially was trained as a medium from a brilliant teacher and mentor on Long Island, I learned by her example of ethics and discernment.
One of the important lessons that I always adhere to is the respect of privacy and space physically and spiritually.

When someone asks for healing prayers or thoughts, a generic form of healing is just a prayer. While at times all
I will do is send generic healing light, it is up to the person to accept that which is being sent. When I get the spiritual nod so to speak that more in-depth healing is required I will always ask permission to link in. This is where I naturally go into my craft and gift. As I have learned and cultivated many aspects of energy I become spirit and recognize that level of awareness where I interact with the ascended masters and Angels. There are some who work along side of these energies through other various modalities and have a deep connection to that Energy pattern. For me most of the healing sessions have been creating a direct link to source energy where my energy is not a part of it at all. I am able to gather the vibrational energies from everything, collect certain frequencies and help initiate the healing process with precision. There are no cords to disconnect or transference of my personal Energy.
There are many of you that are beginning to experience the phasing shift of yourselves into spirit with multidimensionality and I am here to help illuminate that process. There are many who will not understand some things I do naturally but understand I am morally and ethically inclined to teach the truth, elevate humanity and maintain a level of integrity.

I know there are other methods that I am not aware of and welcome the imparting of shared information so we may help each other reach the highest potential.
So where are the Reiki Masters, IET practitioners, healing touch, quantum healing, reconnective healers, trance healers, great white brotherhood, Angelic realm, ET spaceship ( yes that exists)
what are your gifts and methods to help heal humanity and the world.

Looking forward to anyone who decides to take the plunge in forming a mass coalition for peace, coexistence and education.

This is me being me – now how about you?

If Someone Is Judging You

If someone is judging you do the opposite give love.
Love yourself and find forgiveness that there is something greater at play.
It can be hard to wrestle the immediate emotions.
That is why you wait in stillness. Observe with different senses that take the emotional course of action into dissipation for when the heated or fear emotions of fight or flight occur tolerance and truth appear.
This is the only way to handle a one sided smear campaign. Know who you are and rise above the vibration level of where they are and where you do not want to be.
Do things for other people that help them, without cost or strings attached.
To help another person That is an altruistic way to a clear heart.
We as people do things to make us feel better always, all the time. It is in the outward flow that we fill our hearts with strength, love and compassion because we pull that energy into us to help.
Misconceptions or misunderstanding lead to the inability to see things clearly because emotions cloud the value in each and every encounter we have.
We all serve a purpose to help others see things differently or to help them grow.
Bullying and slandering are just tools to help a person temporarily feel like they are in power and control. It is often those individuals who need the most understanding and forgiveness.
The truth is a great place to stand in because it is built on honesty and integrity. It is impervious to outside mechanisms. Throw paint on a granite column the core is still untouched, perfect and the paint will eventually fade away.
When you know better you do better.
This video came across my newsfeed which i think it can help others