How I got here – MJ


As a certified teacher and parent, I remember being frustrated by the lack of time devoted to creative activities in the classroom as a consequence of testing demands and administrative pressures. Creative development to me was the key to problem solving and an area I’ve argued in favor of in schools. Even I would not realize fully then exactly why, or how integral right brain activates such as art, music and meditation would become to my spiritual life and teachings. These activities suppress the left side thinking part of our brains creating a quiet space for us to receive inspirational thought.

I feel we are all capable of training our brains to allow us to tap into our intuition – something I believe our greatest problem solvers have likely done throughout history, whether they realized or not! I hope to see society accept spiritual gifts as natural in the same way that physical gifts are viewed for all children.

Spiritual gifts express themselves in unique ways in all of us through our senses, and while some children begin life with these gifts more keenly developed than others, everyone is capable of realizing their divine connection.

Throughout my life from the age of 5 (where I was aware that I was not always in this body), I have had intuitive experiences.  Some of these experiences I did not understand, and being from a religious family always felt I could not talk about it to anyone. I had some visions and a life changing premonition in which I saw the death of a loved one a week before his actual death, and I was left wondering – why did I see this and could I have prevented it?  I had a few different sessions with some very gifted and famous mediums after that loss and they confirmed for me what I believe I was aware of at the age of 5, that we are spiritual beings having a physical experience.  I believe that love is everlasting and that we come here for specific reasons to create, to learn, to grow and to teach others either directly or by our example.  This knowledge and understanding has given me a lot of peace and I view death as a transition and an opportunity to become a celebration of the person’s life.

This all fueled my interest in seeking more understanding of the spiritual world and in developing my gifts more fully in recent years. In working together with John and Tracey and our guides I have been developing my mediumship skills especially in clairvoyance, clairaudience and also healing abilities. I now understand that all of my experiences growing up were natural and normal for me and it is my desire to see all children taught to understand their gifts in this same light, and for others to understand the love that they share during our brief time on this planet in everlasting.

MJ x