my symbol for spiritual support was a squadron of Dragonflies

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      John Colon

      When I was developing as I work with Angels and some hire ups. There were times that I questioned whether of not this was really happening or was it all in my head. I did ask for a specific symbol of dragonflies to indicate that I am indeed on the right path. now normally people ask for butterflies or ladybugs something similar or even coins but I figured to press it. Well without doubt there was always a squadron of at least 8 of them always hovering in front of me wherever I went to a soccer field. Literally hovering in front of me only. you know what i thought to myself ” thanks for the validation and i’ll take it.

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      Tracy Malloy

      Where to start?

      I often smell a certain smell in my car, I always say hi to Ray then. 🙂 there are also times I want to follow fire trucks and ambulances, I have to rein him in then and remind him I have other things to do. This was one if his favorite things to do, just to be curious. Nosey. Lol

      My great grandparents often impart a need to have certain food I have never eaten. I will also weirdly know how to make said food. I have discovered wonderful Portuguese dishes this way I would have never tried. Love me some stewed peas with eggs.

      Sometimes it is just tears and a memory. Those arey favorite because they remind me of wonderful times.

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      Lisa Ann

      I mostly get tingles down my left side, but depending on who’s sending I will sometimes get smells, music, birds.

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