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      Tracy Malloy

      It has been my experience (and we see it all the time) that when all else fails someone suggests using sage for protection and lavander for relaxation.
      These are things that I use all the time. Do i need them for protection and relaxation? No.
      There was a time i did but several years ago i noticed i acheived the same state with nag champa for both purposes. Sandalwood and frankincense works the same. Why? How? Because all that is needed is intent. But in my experience its the thinking burning herbs and insense helps that helps.
      I do endorse the use of these things to help you experience the calming effect they have just as i encourage group meditation or shamanic journeying in a live group setting to experience the feeling you want to achieve.
      I do not NEED sage to protect my space. I do not NEED crystals to heal myself or others. I do not NEED to add salt to my bath to cleanse my aura.
      I use tools because I like them and I know if the need arises to scan, protect or get rid of yuckies i can do it without these things because i have used tools and know the mindset and feeling they create.

      I would love to see everyone try working without tools but if you do have a hard time acheiving the results you are seeking for relaxation try some lavander oil in your bath or on your wrists during some quiet time. Try some house cleansing to release negative feelings in your home using any good quality insense. Carry a crystal in your pocket for grounding.
      But do try to acheive the same feelings without the tools. Please dont hesitate to ask for help in doing this.


      TRACY M

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