• Rubén posted an update 6 years, 4 months ago

    Healing In Spirit.
    It works better from Distance rather than Hands-On. As been in the State of Spirit You become One with their Healing Abilities. You have a 360 Degree of Seen the World around you. You can become that which is Guided by them so as to change your Vibrating Frequency to match theirs and can only be accomplished in Spirit form since the Human Body wasn’t build for these High Vibrations. The Human Energy Sources do not just consist of Seven but are beyond the Twentieth Source of knowing. There are no limits to this Energy and a numerical number cannot be reached but only for Human interpretation of its Source. Only Spirit can bring this to us through understanding and Love and the desire to ease someone’s pain or suffering. These things will always be, but the True Seer and Healer will always try to make it a better place for All.

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