About Us

 ღ¸¸.•*¨*•*´¨)¸.•   And the day came when the urge to accept was greater than the urge to deny…

…it is, after all, the only way for the cocoon to become the butterfly ღ¸¸.•*¨*•*´¨)¸.•

The loss of a loved one brings grief. We will all experience that in our life time, as only two things are ever certain – birth and death.

Everyone grieves in a slightly different way, but the emotional stress is the same but the length of time to reach acceptance will vary immensely, and no one ever truly forgets. But some comfort can be found in growing our understanding of death.

Death is just a horizon

Whilst life is eternal its love  which is immortal

At Energy Flows we have been blessed with an awakening which allows us to see over this horizon and know our loved ones are not gone. They are with us every single day and want nothing more than to show you they are. Their love is immortal and surrounding your every breath.

They don’t like to watch your tears and try to provide the comfort to allow you to move on, and to see the other wonders in your life. Our mission is to help awaken others to the presence of this love that surrounds us all, to help provide healing, and promote spiritual growth in understanding.

Our loved ones who have transitioned have completed their life lessons, and have gone back to peace in order to grow. They leave a mark on your heart and soul which will never, ever fade, and they so want to see the smile on your lips and in your eyes again.  They are safe, they are loved, and not just here but there too.

They want nothing but for their loved ones here to heal enough to understand they are still close. Through energy work, going inward with meditation, and work on understanding symbols, you can learn to tune your senses and pay attention to the expressions of this love.

We help people learn though sensory perception to experience just how close our loved ones who are just over that horizon are to us. Through your senses you might see, hear and/or feel their presence. You can learn to ask for and find symbols and small tokens of their presence. They are the touch of your hair at night, the song on the radio, the penny on the sidewalk, the butterfly on the flower, the rainbow in the air; they are the mist of love which surrounds you each and every day. Their time on earth was not in vain because that mark on your heart and soul remains, but your life and your love, the marks you are giving others must carry on as your life is still for living.

We understand that we are spirit living a physical existence. It is our hope and wish to help each person reconnect with their own higher spirit and in doing that, more easily reconnect to those they love in spirit. We work to provide a safe place for people of similar struggles to find compassionate support, and a space where any questions that may arise can be answered. Any moment of a connection, whether it is a memory of happier times or a visitation in a meditative state, love is the eternal bond that transcends time and space.


Co-Founders: John, MJ & Tee