Nothing is ever a silly question – you are in a safe environment here and amongst like minded individuals from around the world – if you have a question about anything you have experienced or heard about  – please just ask – we all learn from your questions.




The admin team post learning tasks each week – you are all encouraged to try these – by doing so you may find your more gifted than you think. Nothing is ever wrong – in fact you have to get it wrong in order to get it right at first 🙂




This is a learning site for you first of all – please scroll the posts and read on whom you feel drawn too -you are not obliged to read for anyone. If you need help at anytime please contact one of the admin.


– DO NOT read in private messages

– DO NOT read on health, finance or legal matters

– DO NOT soliciate for business

– Go careful whom you accept friend requests from

– DO NOT JUMP IN – some readers like to read with validation in real time – if this is how you like to read then please start your reading with a READING IN PROGRESS statement and READING ENDED statement.  If you see these please do not interrupt until that reader has finished


(If you wish to grow your gift more please contact one of the admin team whom will add you to our private learning group)




Whilst we have some very gifted professional member please note this is a learning site and therefore you may be read by a beginner – everyone reads different please respect this. Rudeness will not be tolerated.

– ONLY post for yourself (either a photo of you or a loved one past) No dark photos please.

– ONLY 1 reading request per month.- YOU MUST be 18 years or over.

– DO NOT ask for readings on health, finance or legal matters.

– DO NOT accept readings via private message (Unless it is a group reading set up by admin)

– If you wish a specific kind of reading (ie mediumship or tarot) please state on your post.

— DO NOT posts on someone else’s post asking for a reading – make your own post.

– Go careful whom you accept friend requests from.

– If you are ever asked for gifts or money YOU MUST report this to admin ASAP

We will never ever charge for a reading or healing – but please understand that a reading is not guaranteed  – a reader will scan the posts and connect to those theu feel.  If you are not read this is because a connect was not made and has no bearing on you.




– If you are struggling, in pain or need emotional support – just ask.

– You may ask for prayers and healing for your well being and that of others.

– For on going healing – please place a photo in our HEALING FILE – which can be found at the top of the page.




Feedback is very important if you do receive a reading or healing: please understand that person has just given you their personal time and energy – please give them honest and open feedback.  If you feel their reading has helped you then we ask you to pay this forward – (we will never ever charge in this group) but a simple act of kindness for someone else is always appreciated.  So if we help you please help someone else in return.



ღ    ADMIN

All our admin have been hand selected and our highly gifted individuals with various gifts – they are located all round the world. but please remember that everyone here is just like you – worldly obligations to family and jobs come first – our admin give so much time and energy to this group – freely. But if you need us – just message anyone of us.  We all connect on a daily basis so someone will help you.


Admin reserve the right to:

– Stop a reading in progress and remove a post without warning if found to be in breach of these guidlines.

– Any member found to be causing stress or harm to another will be banned.




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